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Mon, Oct 01 2018 12:00 AM
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It can be that time of year again

This person that seems cool made this october art challenge thing and thought it would be fun to do quick games instead.


That's basically it,

have a spooky time.

I'm only going to spend like a couple minutes on each game.

Clearly, you can pick and choose, I'm not forcing you to do anything


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Games made for Bo-Tober


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I'm very excited to see what you make!

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Also, to make it easy for people to make all these games, it would be cool to form a Halloween database of assets that people can easily use. If anyone knows any soundboards or wants to post spooky assets, just comment below!

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here is a ghost animation i

here is a ghost animation i made for scrapped game. please credit me as Mariken G or Gisbrecht.

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This looks great!

I guess I accidentally

I guess I accidentally participated in this today. I made a ghost game and went to upload it and saw this event. I don't know if I'll do any other days....

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Well, if you end up making a Vampire game tomorrow, you know where to post it.


...I am stooooooked about a bat game I'm in the midst of making. Hope to finish it up in the next day or so. We'll see. :D

EDIT: Posted it after messing around more with the built-in Clickteam physics objects. It turned out pretty interesting, and more of a toy than a game. Hope it's enjoyable!

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Free to use Vampire portraits

I made these for a vampire game I don't think I'm going to end up making. I'm focusing on my alien game. Feel free to use these for anything you like now or later. Crediting me is not necessary but if you feel obligated to do so, that is fine too.

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What an awesome, diverse event this turned out to be. So many excellent games in here. :D

Hope those that celebrate it have a Happy Halloween...! Tonight, I'm heading out to see the new 4K restoration of John Carpenter's -The Fog- at the cinema. Anyone else with special Halloween-ish plans?

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We walked around downtown

We walked around downtown and looked at the costumes then went out and got ice-cream.

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I ate at a Chinese food place that was open until 4am around midnight and most of us were in costume. :-)