Yoshi's Island Gaiden: Halloween Eternal

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CW: dark places, unsettling ambiance, snakes, vore

Kamek has cursed Yoshi's Island to be stuck in Halloween season forever! Can you find the magic pearl that will bring back color and joy?

Arrow keys to move
Enter to interact
Hold Esc to quit

Vsync is busted. Blame Clickteam (and third party devs removing free versions of better runtimes, *cough* MP2 *cough*)

I originally planned this to be twice as large, but unfortunately I had to cut down on scope.

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That was fun! I'm not sure

That was fun! I'm not sure if GT has spoiler tags so I'll just use rot13:

V rawblrq gur 'Nhghza jnyx va n cnex ohg znlor gurer'f n fynfure bhg gurer' srryvat lbh pbairlrq va gur birejbeyq, naq gur znmr-yvxr ynlbhg jvgu rqtr yvaxf abg nyjnlf zngpuvat hc jnf sha gb svther bhg. V znccrq nyzbfg gur ragver svefg cneg bs gur birejbeyq orsber V sbhaq gur tnc va gur srapr gb trg vagb gur pnir. Bbcf!

Nyfb V ernyyl (pubzc) fubhyq unir (pubzc) znccrq bhg (pubzc) gung znmr (pubzc) orsber tbvat (pubzc) gbb sne. Gur fcnexyl raqvat frdhrapr jnf jbegu vg gubhtu.

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I'm unable to find the

I'm unable to find the gate.
I enjoy the conversation that occurs.

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Ybbx nebhaq gur rqtrf bs gur

Ybbx nebhaq gur rqtrf bs gur uho nern sbe n cngu gung nccrnef pybfrq bss ohg vfa'g.

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i hate this snake and i will

i hate this snake and i will make sure he never sees the light of day.

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A curse perhaps... but fall

A curse perhaps... but fall is nice for a while isn't it? I enjoyed the artwork and the ambiance of the environment. The music reminds me of an Unlimited Bandwidth track https://archive.org/details/UnlimitedBandwidth-VaporTrails/10NoStaticAtAll.mp3 I hope you will all like. Uhm, I also had difficulty in the maze segment, my apologies.

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Windowed version

Windowed version

YoshisIslandGaiden_Windowed.zip11.24 MB
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This I feel like gave me even spookier vibes than the whale game, and that game was really spooky.
Whfg orvat va gur pnir sryg yvxr iber gbb, yvxr V jnf va n perngher. Avpr sberfunqbjvat jvgu gur oveq.

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This is so good! I love your

This is so good! I love your art style here, it looks lovely. The ending especially is nice. Cute yoshi, too.

V'z ernyyl vagb gur nzovrapr lbh'ir ohvyg hc gbb, gur nhqvb V zrna. gur fuvsg gb fbzr xvaq bs qebar abvfr jura gur fanxr nccrnef jbexf jryy. Gur jubyr fanxr punfr vf fb pyrire, gbb, V jnf naablrq ng ubj ybat V fcrag va gur znmr hagvy V sbhaq bhg V arrqrq gb erzrzore vg!!