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Visual Novel where you are a robot trying to join a circus that doesn't want robots by pretending you are not a robot.
4 endings.

Chrissy - Cm0nster - capthastings
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An event


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The reappearance of you and

The reappearance of you and clyde's faces over and over again throughout these games is becoming increasingly surreal to me.

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Somehow I feel more comfortable stealing images of places rather than people, so photoshopping us over them feels a little less suspicious I guess. But also, most of my drawings and paintings are of me and clyde in fantasy environments, so I guess it's an extension of that too. Did you get to stay in the circus?

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Yeah! I just did one

Yeah! I just did one playthrough because I was satisfied with all my choices, but I hadn't realized things could change to that degree.

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4 endings

I wouldn't replay it but there are 4 endings and you make it in 3 of them.

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I am very happy with my

I am very happy with my choices as well.
I stayed in the circus, but not all of us made it.

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Although the outcome seems the same, what can happen on the way there can vary widely from one set of choices to the other...Wow! It went a lot of different places.

Had a lot of fun checking out all the pathways and choices in this through various replays, "if you know what I mean." :)

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Played this again after

Played this again after seeing a photo from it on a local drive.
Loved it. Super fun.