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Not sure why nobody has

Not sure why nobody has commented on this. Is it possible that others had the same experience as me? I wanted to see more of it but I was too stupid to figure out what I was supposed to do at the first playable bit. If you want it to be unapproachable in that way then fair enough - I've made games like that myself before now. Otherwise a hint or two might be required.

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Thanks for playing!

There was a bug in one version where you can't fire the sword, otherwise, the first level should be beatable. Personally, I am not going to give any hits or help, but I won't stop you from getting help from others. Thanks for playing!

I Can Play It Now

Yeah, I must have downloaded the error/non-sword version you mentioned in your previous comment because this version allows me to progress. Made it up to stage 5 - Shoots & Ladders - and became paralyzed with futility. Thankfully the ghosts materialized and crushed my aluminum-boned self.

The written passages you came up with this are by and large fantastic. I especially enjoyed your Long John Silvers rant, but the story of the game's name earlier is also strangely touching.

The text-to-speech interpreter you use is fantastic...! "Slurr pies." I love it.

What's up with the occasional light-blue timer that shows up on stage 4?

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Thanks for playing!
The blue timer shows up in every level if you don't press any buttons for an amount of time. If it completely fills up, you get attacked.

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I finally finished this,

I finally finished this, although to be honest I was still playing the playtest copy I had, since it let me play it over multiple sessions. This is by far the best masocore trainwreck platformer I've ever played, which I'm pretty sure I already said lol.

The levels really are amazing! A wicked combination of oblique puzzles and broken platforming. The atmosphere is so crushing and distant, and even the music doesn't feel like a soundtrack- it feels like just another level to the barren noise you are being confronted with. The audio work is so good.

I don't have anything new to say on the story, but I think the personal exploration through it is good. It's variously unpleasant but feels focused on processing abuse and oppression, which repositions moments that would otherwise be needlessly edgy.

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Thank you!

Thank you for all the kind words and seeing this game to the end!
I also should have maybe said something in the description about how most all of the audio/music is based on top 40 rap and contemporary trap samples chopped and screwed. I'm glad you liked the audio!

I should maybe release a like "easy version" that is the playtest version like how sylvie did with Planet Grunch, but I keep thinking of making it different in maybe one or two more ways than the version you have...

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thanks for making it! and

thanks for making it! and wow, that's some really good sampling.

I think an easy version would make it more accessible to at least preview the levels through- I would hope that, even if somebody found the game too challenging, they could enjoy the level design itself. Regardless of what you end up doing with it in the future, you can keep me in mind as a playtester for new versions.