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Not sure why nobody has

Not sure why nobody has commented on this. Is it possible that others had the same experience as me? I wanted to see more of it but I was too stupid to figure out what I was supposed to do at the first playable bit. If you want it to be unapproachable in that way then fair enough - I've made games like that myself before now. Otherwise a hint or two might be required.

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Thanks for playing!

There was a bug in one version where you can't fire the sword, otherwise, the first level should be beatable. Personally, I am not going to give any hits or help, but I won't stop you from getting help from others. Thanks for playing!

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I Can Play It Now

Yeah, I must have downloaded the error/non-sword version you mentioned in your previous comment because this version allows me to progress. Made it up to stage 5 - Shoots & Ladders - and became paralyzed with futility. Thankfully the ghosts materialized and crushed my aluminum-boned self.

The written passages you came up with this are by and large fantastic. I especially enjoyed your Long John Silvers rant, but the story of the game's name earlier is also strangely touching.

The text-to-speech interpreter you use is fantastic...! "Slurr pies." I love it.

What's up with the occasional light-blue timer that shows up on stage 4?

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Thanks for playing!
The blue timer shows up in every level if you don't press any buttons for an amount of time. If it completely fills up, you get attacked.