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Learn your States and Capitals of the USA!
Break the walls of the patriarchy AGAIN!
Learn your ABC's AGAIN.

This game requires some knowledge of the United States.
If you aren't from the USA, I don't mind if you print off a cheat sheet.
If you're from the USA, I mind if you print off a cheat sheet, but, you know, it's fine if you do.
You are in control of your own destiny.

YES, if you want to put this on your site I included the MMF2 file because I don't have the flash/html exporter.

eit and vocals by steven herzog and the florida question is an edited question by a noncredited person
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You Have to Put the Vote in the Ballot Box

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SoftSoft's exciting new political adventure is finally here! I hope you American guys are going to vote, or have already voted, or are voting right now. (If the last one, please turn off your phone and get back to voting.)

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Minimum Wage: Hunger


A quick weekend jam about food deserts and urban poor. Designed for 2 players at the same keyboard (WASD, Arrow Keys + shared Mouse).

Scott Stephan
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