XXXExtreme Downhill Sklobster 2.0


a post-jam 2.0 of the skifree piano roll lobster wonderland

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Clark Stanley's Van Racer


Clark Stanley's Van Racer


Holy crap, go over 240 mph in a minivan. Race against 15 other minivans. Race against a friend in split-screen mode.
Hopefully your computer's powerful enough to run this at 30 frames per second. I wish I were joking.

Created for the Grid Grind Jam, combining the elements "van," "garden," and "Clark Stanley."

This game originally came to me in a dream - a 2.5d racing game like F-Zero or Super Mario Kart, but with minivans. "This could be hilarious," I thought. I was right. I proposed "van" as an item for the Grid Grind jam with the explicit intention of making this game a reality. I did not expect the snake oil salesman tie-in.

Windows only.

Claire Schroeder made the music. It's great!
She's got a Twitter:
The game's soundtrack is on bandcamp:

Thank you Gisbrecht for the transparent Clark Stanley cutout!

WASD to move player 1
Arrow keys to move player 2
Enter/space to confirm choices in the menu
Esc to quit

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Rally Kazan '91 - for hellojed


It's New Years Eve, 1991 and the Soviet Union has just collapsed. Many of the amateur street and rally racers have seized this opportunity to put their skills to the test like never before. Numerous gangs and factions have sprung up to compete in the cities, towns and forests throughout Russia, but rumors tell that the best racers have found their way to Kazan.

If you want to be allowed in to this not-so-underground society, you must prove your worth and your skill. Explore the city, find supplies, and scope out the area to learn which faction controls where. Then, provide them with the resources they need before offering them a race. If you can gain their respect, you can then work your way up and expand your notoriety across the city. Maybe a team will even accept you as own of their own drivers.

Listed in game. Press H to show and hide controls and game help.

Deer Santa
Choose your own Wishlist:

"Goblet Grotto-like"
"Tender Frog House"
Possibly Christmas Themed
Original Characters
Games where there's 2D sprites in a 3D environment are always good vibes (this is hard to do so it's not a requirement)

Intro song - chirimoya
Tender Frog House bar music - Арбай Хоор
Graffiti (taken with permission) - rohb.stationdesign & keso_rbc
Various sound effects -
Car Physics and Race AI - FGear

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Overlap is a 64K intro for ZZT that runs on MS-DOS PC or DOSBox and was released in 2018 by Nanoco. Overlap is based on classic arcade racing games like Night Driver, Pole Position, Out Run and Rad Racer. The total world and executable size is 65,536 bytes.

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Kitty Racing


You are a kitty who wants to get the best racing times and collect the stars.

Updated 2/12/2018 with more graphics and some other stuff.

Updated 2/14/2018 with the ability to enable automatic transmission for the kitty (making the game much easier!!)

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Time Trial

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 4.33.20 PM.png

just wanted to try making a racing game in bravitzlana, you can share games now!

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Full Speed Kiss (for clyde)



Can our hero, Song Joong-ki, navigate the cutthroat world of illegal street racing and the echoes of his DARK PAST?
* 3 levels!
* Cutscenes!
* Feelings!
* Intrigue....
* Hovo-bikes modeled in tilt brush!
* Celebrity appearances by Song Joong-ki, Jessica Jung, Ryan Gosling, Treaxy, and ??<><@#!@ (SIGNAL SCRAMBLED)
* A korean adult contemporary love song!

WASD / arrow keys to drive. "R" to reset to the last checkpoint if you fall over. "0" (zero) skips a racing segment (cheat!!)

I hope the story is to your liking. I've never written a romance before, nor have I ever considered it, so it was pretty challenging.

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abcdefghijklmnopqrstusavwxyz aka abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz3

Hillary Rodham Clintons.png

Learn your States and Capitals of the USA!
Break the walls of the patriarchy AGAIN!
Learn your ABC's AGAIN.

This game requires some knowledge of the United States.
If you aren't from the USA, I don't mind if you print off a cheat sheet.
If you're from the USA, I mind if you print off a cheat sheet, but, you know, it's fine if you do.
You are in control of your own destiny.

YES, if you want to put this on your site I included the MMF2 file because I don't have the flash/html exporter.

eit and vocals by steven herzog and the florida question is an edited question by a noncredited person
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Race down a mountainside in a toboggan! Dodge trees and fly off of jumps. A nod to the early Windows game Ski-free.

Feedback about goals, powerups, obstacles,suitable game music, and general game design is appreciated.

Start the game at the title screen using "spacebar"
Use the arrow keys to rotate left and right.

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Country Bear's Race To The Finish


Ready... set... go! These are the words you hear as the starter fires his pistol, announcing the beginning of the race. You take off running, with your eye on the prize. The finish line is just within reach... your heart is pounding, and you're running with all your might! All of these things and more can be found when you try out Family Fun Home Entertainment's latest Country Bear title, Country Bear's Race To The Finish! Join your beloved friend, Country Bear, as he guides you or your child through a self-esteem boosting journey from the start to the finish. Remember to keep your eye on the prize as you play your way through Country Bear's Race To The Finish!

Also available is a 32-bit Enhanced build, which features slightly improved graphics and sound. Download this version if you use Windows Vista or higher and don't want to have to run emulators to play the game.

Ian M. Burton
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