Kitty Racing


You are a kitty who wants to get the best racing times and collect the stars.

Updated 2/12/2018 with more graphics and some other stuff.

Updated 2/14/2018 with the ability to enable automatic transmission for the kitty (making the game much easier!!)

Made For: 
An event


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As a kitty my best racing

As a kitty my best racing time was 75 seconds. I got all my stars on my first two laps so that third lap was just free, easy sailing.

I like this a lot.

Thanks =^..^= I think I made

Thanks =^..^= I think I made the version you played too hard, but I just updated it if you want to try to get a better time!

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I've done another three

I've done another three runs, but I just can't seem to get better than 58 seconds! Alas, I'll never get a medal!

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72 on this one!
The mechanic is super cool and I love that your faces stays the same size

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love the mechanics! would be fun to see more...

Visual Problems

I visit the website and can hear audio, but the screen goes blank after completing the "Loading" process.

Can you think of anything I can do to fix things?

I've only tested the game

I've only tested the game with Firefox and Chrome on Windows. If you are using a different browser or a different operating system, there could be problems I don't know about.

Was today your first time visiting the website? A few days ago I think I accidentally uploaded a broken version, so if you visited a few days ago, that could be stuck in your browser's cache. So you could also try clearing the browser's cache.