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sylvie & hubol
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Kitty Racing


You are a kitty who wants to get the best racing times and collect the stars.

Updated 2/12/2018 with more graphics and some other stuff.

Updated 2/14/2018 with the ability to enable automatic transmission for the kitty (making the game much easier!!)

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Rocket Kitty


Help Rocket Kitty rocket! Use the arrow keys to move and the "Z" key to engage and disengage the rocket.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. With a little bit of tweaking and a graphical overhaul I could probably make a full game out of it. EDIT: Now re-uploaded with awesome music composed by my boyfriend within the time limit!

This game was made with Construct and requires DirectX 9 to run.

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Made For: 
An event
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