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wow, this is the most 'video gamey' video game I've ever made. you can shoot things and even get scored in a way that corresponds logically to your in-game performance. feels weird & icky. I like doom a lot. anyway, I made it for the global game jam.


Running - "Right Lane Leaving"

Alesia Cosmos - "So Far"

Chrome - "You've Been Duplicated"

Royal Trux - "Funky Son"

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The Great Pumpkin


I used to grow pumpkins when I lived in Ohio.
I've started to grow squash again recently.

Included are various samples and references.
Based on a mechanic my buddy made.

I made an arcade supported version so two people could play it together somehow and it's slightly rebalanced. I think it's better, but I'm still including the old game in there.

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A quick reflexes game by Lynx

Press an arrow key before hitting the middle of the screen to travel that direction.
Collect power bubbles!
Press spacebar when powerbar is full to slow down.

Post your highscores!

Use the mouse to click on the sides to move in that direction!
Press the middle of the screen to use powerup.
Try to bet the highscore which is now at 79 and set by sergiocornaga of Glorious Trainwrecks!

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Lunar Legume


Lunar Lander, but you plant your ship on the green pads to give future selves speed boosts! Created for Indie Game: The Movie: The Queue: The Game Jam at GDC in ~2 hours

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Stand your ground! Collect power ups for increased jump height and extra mid air "double" jumps. Also lives. Good luck, as your platform crumbles below you...

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Swarm Rescue


You are red! Rescue your yellow friends from the dark blue swarms to recieve a power-up!
Compete with your friends IRL for highest score.

Music by robinDB

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Long Jump of DOOM


A really, really stupid long jump simulator I put together in Flixel. Made in two hours (+1 for the doodles/sprites; sorry, I cheated). See my other less crappy stuff at hellocld.com


P.S.: For those into that source code stuff, snag it here: http://hellocld.com/files/games/LongJumpOfDoom/LongJumpOfDoomSRC.zip

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Thousands of Ants


At long last, a game that lets you control thousands of ants at once! Use the arrow keys and Shift to control the ants and lead them to the Ant House. But watch out for the horrible programming glitches...!

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Balls Can Hurt You


Evade the red balls!! Because they will kill you.

Diego "Shackhal" del Solar
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Ultra Balloon Bros.


Welcome to Ultra Balloon Bros.! Help your ultimate balloon friend get as big as possible. Of course you can do it! What are you talking about? Don't doubt yourself or I will destroy you!

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