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Hank Owns This Hill


The evil hanks own this hill.
As the only good Hank Hill left, it's up to you to save your hill.

Go forth! Blast them away with your guns by using left-click. Walk with WASD.

This was made in an hour in response to a friend's game of a similar nature.

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wow, this is the most 'video gamey' video game I've ever made. you can shoot things and even get scored in a way that corresponds logically to your in-game performance. feels weird & icky. I like doom a lot. anyway, I made it for the global game jam.


Running - "Right Lane Leaving"

Alesia Cosmos - "So Far"

Chrome - "You've Been Duplicated"

Royal Trux - "Funky Son"

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An event

Brainmotron 3D Deluxe!


Because the previous version just wasn't BRAIN enough!

New features include*

- Doors!
- Better Collision!
- ... Actual Collision!
- Moar Awesome!

(*may or may not include!)

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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Crazy Old Dudes: White Ops


finnish dudes were kinda amazing back in the WWII times.

and god knows why i got this idea.

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