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Experience trespassing upon my very own home from the comfort of wherever your computer is located - TODAY. With the debut game from Squmme, in collaboration with SCANT $0 Publishing. Please enjoy.

Control: Mouse + Keyboard

This game contains music from the Super Bogus World 2 OST by Hubol & The Oddwarg. which was released under the CC BY 3.0 license.

(CW's: rapid flashing, violence/blood, it might be loud at some points but I'm not sure)

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Binky And Ruff In The Garden Of Doors


Binky and Ruff are lost in the garden of doors

they will not escape because i made this game in 30 minutes.

binky is player 2 ruff is player 1 so they can have different controls

when ruff hits something on the left he breaks for some reason dont do that

For Grid 6 Garden + Lovers + Locked Doors

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An event

Don't Find Pineapple


There are 6 doors. The Pineapple is in one of them. You have to not find Pineapple.
Open all the ones except for the one with the Pineapple.

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Brainmotron 3D Deluxe!


Because the previous version just wasn't BRAIN enough!

New features include*

- Doors!
- Better Collision!
- ... Actual Collision!
- Moar Awesome!

(*may or may not include!)

Adrian Gordon (Code) + Arran Langmead (Art)
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An event
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