Binky And Ruff In The Garden Of Doors

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Binky and Ruff are lost in the garden of doors

they will not escape because i made this game in 30 minutes.

binky is player 2 ruff is player 1 so they can have different controls

when ruff hits something on the left he breaks for some reason dont do that

For Grid 6 Garden + Lovers + Locked Doors

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As soon as the game opened I

As soon as the game opened I knew I was in for something about binky and doors. Maybe this was due to the title, but there were also a number of other hands pointing in this direction, such as the game tags, and my sixth sense which told me about the garden before I even knew anything about this game. The controls were well done, and usually in a sequence like this the controls are done quite poorly with too many keys to press, but this was done in a way I haven't seen before. The music had several hands on anyone calling themselves a musician, because it was phenomenal in all respects. I am left wondering who crafted the instrument that created these sounds. Was it a woodwind or a brass instrument? The more I know, the less I know. Was the instrument hand-crafted by a suited gentlemen? These certainly are not question that I expect to be answered, but a game that makes me ask questions is probably doing the right thing. At one point I had found myself complaining about the controls, but then when one door closes, we know what happens. So I got my positive spin back and was right back in there with the characters. I don't know if these two are supposed to be moving independently of one another or if they are in-fact glued by the heels, and I certainly don't know much about the smaller character's history. I am familiar with the dog's history as I did help this character through a haunted castle/mansion and one point in time. I was never going to be sure how this game would leave me feeling, and I don't think it would be too far-fetched to say that I ended up feeling inspired. However I can see that it is in some ways that what we have been gifted with in the digital realm isn't too far from a discontent ribena package. Sometimes I treat myself to a ribena package if I feel I deserve it, and I think this game certainly deserves SOME kind of reward for its mere existence. I'm glad this exists, because still sort of FEELS like an ornate doorway from the laundry to the living room. But what do I know? And do I know anything about the mechanics behind what I'm seeing? I have no idea what engine this work was built with. Maybe it was built in the developer's backyard while they were having a barbie with their family. It would certainly add to the intrigue of the digital/physical hybrid which is suggested by the graphical style. Am I supposed to be convinced that these doors are the same as my back door, or that 'this is not a door' because it is only a pathetic cluster of pixels wishing it was the representation of the door when in actual fact they are representing some five year old's pre-recorded hand-mouse movements. The imagery could be categorised as a slate in-which history has been etched in Small Fonts, and even to see this today when computers have come so far, and yet we're still seeing these kinds of games which don't utilise modern equipment but instead remain in an era when ribena was packaged outside your door as it was delivered. Everyone always thought it was boxed at the factory, but they actually always did it just outside the front door. The reason for this is so the ribena wouldn't leak all over the cardboard while it was being transported, which it did on multiple occasions, severely disappointing customers on the edge of critical obesity (who should have at least got up off the chair to answer the door instead of sending milo out to collect the post) and not only would they have been able to collect the ribena themselves, but at the same time they would have fixed a lot of their problems, and they wouldn't spending an ungodly amount of hard-earned coin on that powerplay gold membership. All in all, I think this work does an interesting mix between image and garden, and does portray a sense of depth, especially if you're wearing 3D glasses like the ones you find at the cinema, and you sneak them out with you sneak animation so no one can see you. The statues in the background could feel more relevant if they at least had a gucci bag on either shoulder or you could have added quick-sand or something like in the movies to make things a bit more exciting. That's why they add that stuff to the movies. It's exciting and it could eat the guy, making you want to watch it over and over again.

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Ah... thank you for the long

Ah... thank you for the long comment. I will try to answer some mysteries.

1: The music is in fact converted from midi, so the instruments are all synthetic. I usually credit the music but I've been so busy! The song is Timid Love from the Chibi Robo soundtrack composed by Taniguchi Hirofumi. It is a game very dear to me.
2: If you don't know about the smaller character, that is BINKY! There are a lot of BINKY games. Here are some which I think are enjoyable to play. Some people have even made fan games... including the one with the haunted castle. BUBBO I is one hour of RPG action...! the 3D dimension...

3: I made this game in clickteam fusion. I am not very good at computers.
4: I'm sorry but I've never had a drink of Ribena... I usually drink Water.