BINKY XIV: Party Monsters

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The fourteenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

LEgend has it, in the dungeons of BUBBO LAND,
LIve the PARTY MONSTERS, creatures of magic,
WHo love to have an enjoyable time underground.

BUt the great BINKY lost the INTERACT button,
ANd can only mash the bar of space to cast
USeless magic spells to all of them monsters!


AD,Left and Right Arrow Keys - Movement
Spacebar - Cast Magic


Monster Art:
Creatures from Hieronymous Bosch Paintings
Creatures from Last Armageddon
Creatures from Sugoro Quest: Dice no Senshitachi
Creatures from Shi Kong Xing Shou
Creatures from Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
Creatures from Pokemon Gold Beta
Creatures from PRODUCE
Sams from Unterbildungsroman (2015)

Thank you to mno for finding some samples.


Sound Effects from Clickteam and Link: The Faces of Evil

This midis found by knighTeen87
King's Field (JP) - Floor 2
Composed by Koji Endo, Kaoru Kono.

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An event


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Once again!

You've done it once again haven't you? My favorite bit is that it's hard to tell when there's going to be a different character on screen, so sometimes it feels like there are never any different characters on screen and that they are always there. I like how this game looks a lot. I'm immediately curious how it would look if you could move in this space, but I respect that you cannot move. Again, very claustrophobic as usual. It maybe feels more claustrophobic the fact that you can look around. There is a potential for movement, because there is perspective, but you still cannot move. Thanks for making this. I look forward to your next game.

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You've commented once again

You've commented once again haven't you? Again it is technical limitations... The characters wrap around like old cartoon backgrounds so I couldn't have one in the first screen lest it magically reappear! I tried it myself. If you could move in this space, it would be 100 megabytes more or so large, haha! Maybe next time Binky will go to a secret island... not robot island?

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Well, if it's secret, don't tell ME about it!

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Being anchored in a 3D space

Being anchored in a 3D space like this and throwing symbols outward like fist-fulls of candy from a parade float said something about dungeon-crawlers to me. I like them more now.

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Try some dungeon crawlers-

Try some dungeon crawlers- if you can stomach the slime haha! I recommend Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey or the Dark Spire (All by Atlus buuuut theyre good >>)

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That one red and yellow

That one red and yellow monster in the back is quite creepy! Or maybe just shy…

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Welcome to the world of

Welcome to the world of PRODUCE...
(NSFW and Gore warning)