BINKY VII: Robot Island

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The seventh in the award winning BINKY Series.

WARNING: This game is rated E for Electricity for depiction of the "apple".

BINKY has been stranded on Robot Island, created by the evil DOCTOR ROBOLLOYD (See BUBBO LAND #4).
Can BINKY escape Robot Island, on the moon, and get back to Earth? You'll need to find all 8 POWER CRYSTALS, or not!?
Find out more in BINKY VII: Robot Island!

AD - left right movement
Left and Right Arrow Keys - left right movement
W - Jump
Up Arrow Key - Jump
Space bar - Jump

Gymnopédie by Erik Satie

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An event


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I enjoyed that a lot. I was

I enjoyed that a lot.
I was not expecting the scale of the game and there is a lot to love here, but I'll just mention a few things:
-I enjoy how Binky squishes a little bit when jumping.
-I liked how my favorite narrative element became the main narrative.
-This game manages to establish a new moon-aesthetic for me. Not a moon made of cheese, and not the NASA moon. Not some mystical sign. I like this moon along with the others in my mind.

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Well it is technically not

Well it is technically not all the moon, it is the part of the moon which has robot island where robolloyd lives!