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The ninth in the award winning BINKY Series.

Enter the next level of computer entertainment product: BINKY IX: BUBBO I.
BINKY has crash landed on a mysterious island with their friend HERRY the CHERRY, among others. Beware, for there are dragons at every corner! And they will face off against powerful wizards! This is simply the most intense BINKY adventure yet. Will you solve the mystery of BUBBO I?

Please do not spoil the last two levels of the game, if you really need to, use the rot13 cipher!


Automatic Movement System
Conversation System
Password System
Desktop Wallpaper


WASD / Arrows - Movement
R - Toggle Automatic Movement
Space - Talk
Enter - Input Password on Start Screen
Escape - Quit Game


[See more in CREDITS.TXT]
Guillaume de Machaut - Riches d'amour from licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
DRAGON artwork from Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Images and
TILES from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup licensed under CC Zero.
ELIZABETH by mno from Unfinished Sekret Santa Game
Text Interface Engine by Henriquelalves licensed under MIT


BINKY IX: BUBBO I is under the TRAINWRECK LICENSE, whatever that means! Just attribute (Link,name,etc) the game if you do anything derivative of it! Nobody is gonna make money off of this game okay!? Be careful.

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Wallpaper Standalone

If you do not want to download the game, here are the wallpaper images as standalone files. Enjoy these beautiful pictures gracing your desktop.

HereBeDragons1080.png2.7 MB
HereBeDragons.png501.9 KB
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I still need to beat this, but I liked the idea of the automatic movement system a lot. Maybe I wasn't using it right, but on the Mac version, I couldn't enter a password.

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Automatic movement is

Automatic movement is helpful for testing and for people who may be stressed holding down a button. I do not know how you were using it, but you need to enter the password in ALL CAPS and press enter. I cannot test because I do not have a Macintosh.

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A joyous journey of exploration

Finished this today. Loved it. My favourite BINKY game. I recommend everyone play it. I'll be playing it through again soon.

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Thank you... hopefully many

Thank you... hopefully many people play BINKY IX. It is the next level of computer entertainment.