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Experience trespassing upon my very own home from the comfort of wherever your computer is located - TODAY. With the debut game from Squmme, in collaboration with SCANT $0 Publishing. Please enjoy.

Control: Mouse + Keyboard

This game contains music from the Super Bogus World 2 OST by Hubol & The Oddwarg. which was released under the CC BY 3.0 license.

(CW's: rapid flashing, violence/blood, it might be loud at some points but I'm not sure)

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An event



this video game was a magical experience. i love the visuals and presentation of it all, very fabulous. also liked how when the phone appeared it said "kellogg's" at the top and quickly changed to "kellog's" and the sound choice for the phone booting up


This game rocks. The sound effects, the detail of game elements, the comedy. The cursors are all different, the text sound effects are different, the humour is varied. A real punk aesthetic.

The phone crushing scene was just a touch too loud at its peak tbh, but all in all this is GREAT! Short, sweet, nuts, funny.

Blows ROOM EXPLORER 2009 out of the river!

(This user was given a download code for free by Kelog's Cereal <3)

PRO TIP: Your answers to the survey are in the folder u installed the game in, titled "Doctor's Report.txt". We should post our results for fun
PRO PRO TIP: If you press ctrl + backspace (on American Keyboard at least), your input shows up as a black rectangle character in the survey box B)

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Really good!

Really good!

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Absolutely brilliant

Way higher quality than I expected. Love the attention to detail. My hands are still spinning and my floor is still covered in squashed spider. Love it to bits.

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Loved that

I like the presentation and the sfx. Very well done world that doesn't care about your well being. But Kellog's cereal sure is delicious.

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very cool! heavily enjoyed

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This is great!

This is great!