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Worryspider in Picnic Panic


A simple little high score game. Try to collect as many apples as you can for your picnic date with your friend. c:

It's inspired by and a fangame of "Worryspider in: The Garden" by &t / bpseudopod. Please go play it, it's wonderful!
The character was created by and belongs to them. I love this anxious little spiderling so much.

It's probably a bit too hard, and the controls take some time getting used to.
I recommend looking at the 'how to play' screen.

~ controls ~
arrow keys - move left and right
X - shoot a spiderweb in a straight line
C - shoot a spiderweb in a diagonal line
hold X or C and use the arrow keys to swing from the web
release X or C to let go of the web

Go get those apples~
Can you beat my own high score of 12?

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Worryspider in: The Garden


HEADS UP! If you just want to play the game, go to the link above. The downloadable file contains the source files, and you have to start a local HTTP server (y'know, python -m http.server) to play it. Check out the readme for full credits and dev notes!

A frantic gather-em-up about the bourgeois norms of lawncare. Can YOU gather enough apples to feed your hungry pal?

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Twin Snakes 2

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.44.51 AM.png

multiplayer game for two player
simultaneous control, have fun

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Super 3D Helicopter 2


This is "New and improved" version of the "Super 3D Helicopter" i made for the first marathon. There's almost no change on gameplay, just some extra audiovisual effects i wanted to include.

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You are CAPTAIN STARRUFF, klipart ship pilot extraordinaire. You are the commander for the space station, DINGWED, around the planet POOLYTEXTURED-SORRY. Everything was fine until one day while you were scouting out a new area of the planet, FVIL EACE attacked and destoryed DINGWED with his wormy army of APPLE CLONES! You are humanity's last resort to defeat FVIL EACE once and for all, CAPTAIN STARRUFF! You only have 100 SPACE SECONDS* to do so before the weight of the clones creates a black hole! May the power of klipart be with you!

* 1 SPACE SECOND = ax²+by - 4ac normal seconds

Press the SHIFT key to do stuff such as: play the game; shoot; play the game again; shoot more
Use the ARROW KEYS to move your ship around when it exists. They do nothing otherwise so don't bother wasting your time pressing them.
At any time you can hit ESCAPE to end the game, and forcing CAPTAIN STARRUFF to launch himself out of his ship and catch onto a passing star to reach earth before FVIL EACE and warn them of the danger. The latter is not shown because the animation budget ran out.

1-5002: Yu are the worst don't bother playing again give up

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Proximity Mime


Stuck in a monochrome world, you must avoid confrontation with the silent mime inhabitants or face the imaginary consequences! Mimes will follow you and throw apples at you if you get too close. See how long you can last in this super realistic mime-avoiding simulation game!

Arrow keys: Move

Chris Chung
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Eat Game

EAT 2012-02-27 14-52-31-44.png

Eat as much food as you want in this gripping eating simulation.

Juliette Porée
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Aladdin 4 - Return to The Cave of Apples


A world of danger awaits Aladdin and Jasmine as they take one last trip to the Cave of Wonders to collect juicy apples for their wedding feast? Can they last the whole way or will they be destroyed by one of the Mad Clones of Iago? Only you can decide.

Topher Florence
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Who hasn't dreamed of going to a beautiful tropical island to eat delicious fruit on the beach? To extend your arm and catch a fruit and put it in your mouth?

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