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BINKY XXVI: Die Wunderkammer vom BINKY


If you have the time, please read "onMasterSlaveAndGodotDevelopers" in txt or pdf formats

The twenty sixth in the award winning BINKY series!

What is "Die Wunderkammer vom BINKY"? Exclusive BINKY release for German speaking audience? Nein, nein! This is the story of a closet of wonders... and the trouble BINKY got themself into...


WASD / Arrows - Move

Esc - Quit


Artwork by
Hans Memling
Vittore Carpaccio
Master of the 1540s
Francesco Salviati
Bartholomaeus Bruyn the Elder
Lorenzo Costa
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Domencio Remps (1620-1699)

Open Dyslexic Font


Wizardry V - Training Grounds transcribed by Steven Jones

Special Thanks:

Ludonaut for German translation

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Twin Snakes 2

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.44.51 AM.png

multiplayer game for two player
simultaneous control, have fun

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Quest for the Pixel Princess XIV


Part 14 of the epic medieval saga about Galad the Golden Knight, set on a quest to rescue the Pink Pixel Princess from the clutches of the evil Red Guard. In this episode, the princess was taken deep into the Red's Keep. Luckily, Fourteen Cobalt Companions have come to your aid! Open doors. Cross the castle. Use the magic items to your advantage. Battle the guards. Rescue the princess. Avoid stingy swords. Survive horrible medieval music!

Controls: keyboard arrows or WASD. SPACE to lead your companions into attack. X to use a magic spell.

Requirements: Windows XP or 7, DirectX (at least 9?), .NET, 1024x768 or higher resolution.

Background story: made for "the event-formerly-known-as-14". There's also a part 1 in existence. The other parts are still to be made as prequels. Medieval resolution. Oh, and it's uploaded on the 14th! How symbolic.

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Medieval Zoo Espionage


You have come to visit the really, really huge, genetically-engineered giraffe at the local zoo! You want to feed it cake, but mom won't let you!

Find a way!

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