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Flamingo Quest


A story about a Flamingo I know

Flamingo Quest follows a girl raised by flamingos. Set in the Top Secret Neon Pink Planet universe but you don't need to read any external material to understand this

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Trainwreckers to the Rescue


It's been some weeks that i have working on this game, now i've finally finished this!

This is another Glorious Trainwrecks based game i've made for the GT community, this is an epic war against Dr. Legion and he's trying to rule the world, will DrBlowhole20 will save the world? DrBlowhole20 also needs to rescue his friends!

- Megaman-esque health bars(?)
- INI files as save data!

EDIT: This game is a little hard when keep going on the game.

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Quest for the Pixel Princess XIV


Part 14 of the epic medieval saga about Galad the Golden Knight, set on a quest to rescue the Pink Pixel Princess from the clutches of the evil Red Guard. In this episode, the princess was taken deep into the Red's Keep. Luckily, Fourteen Cobalt Companions have come to your aid! Open doors. Cross the castle. Use the magic items to your advantage. Battle the guards. Rescue the princess. Avoid stingy swords. Survive horrible medieval music!

Controls: keyboard arrows or WASD. SPACE to lead your companions into attack. X to use a magic spell.

Requirements: Windows XP or 7, DirectX (at least 9?), .NET, 1024x768 or higher resolution.

Background story: made for "the event-formerly-known-as-14". There's also a part 1 in existence. The other parts are still to be made as prequels. Medieval resolution. Oh, and it's uploaded on the 14th! How symbolic.

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Quest for the Pixel Princess


You, the Golden Knight, must rescue the Pixel Princess from the clutches of the evil Red Guard. They have built a cunning maze to protect the princess from the grubby paws of Knights (of any color, for that matter). Will you succeed, with the help of magic Potions hidden in the maze...?

( The Red Guard's War Drums are CC BY-NC-ND 3.0, so be prepared oh valiant Knight! Lore says it was contrived by a wizard of sorts, )

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You are [PLAYER NAME HERE], and you just found out about some ugg boots on sale!!! HOLY SHIT UGG BOOTS I WANT SOME. It is a wild, slippery, leathery world out there, so be careful! You never know what will happen on your way to buying some nice UGG BOOTS.

"okay so the point is you expect toh ave a good time playing a game and are disappointed"
"that game was awful I am going to sleep for a while"
"I didn't like it very much, it wasn't funny"
"my kids played this and now they won't stop crying"

Q: How do I play?
A: After the game gets your name right, you just need to choose what area to move to at the end of every day.

Q: Help! I hate typing out whole words?
A: You only need to enter the first letter at any time! As in, 'N' for 'North'

Q: I LOVE YOUR GAME but I want to stop playing, how do I do that?
A: Press ESCAPE at any time, past the first screen

Q: I keep running out of food because I can't get enough meat after hunting down an Ugg!
A: That shouldn't be possible! Maybe you just suck at this game.

Q: What sickos made this? I'm reporting you!
A: Me (MNO) with plenty of help from Decky Coss

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A Knight of Faith


In this five-minute game about Kierkegaard's philosophy, you make decisions and face a challenging test. Will you become the Knight of Faith?

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An event

Hero's Realm


Welcome to an original and exciting quest!

(originally based on a game submitted to Pirate Kart V that has since been deleted)

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Peter Molyneux's URQUEST


On the advice of a friend, I decided to throw my hat into this 'glorious train wreck' event. Considering the short amount of time allowed, I approached this game with the intent of shattering the expectations of a genre. But what genre? The quest, of course. The well from which all games draw from. Quests you have seen before are static, unsatisfying: each has a beginning, a middle, an end. Exposition, action, and denouement. What if there was something more?

There now is. I abolished all such crude approximations of reality in favour of a more holistic approach: the game only dies when you do. You could run this game on a dedicated computer and, every morning, continue in your quest, until the day you finally expire. I wished to also express the intriguing contrast between man and trees: we move around, always in a hurry, always someplace to be. Trees are not like us; they are idle, cursed to a life of constant reflection. And yet, we both die. What if the trees were just like us? In this game, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on life itself, just as the trees do. Please do not squander it. Play this game as slowly as you can, and explore the thousands of options and choices it provides. You will also, of course, require a sword. But to craft one, you will need to destroy the prerequisite amount of trees -- your only allies, your emotional counterpart. This is what we in the industry call "moral choices". Crafting weapons from wood, I should not have to say, is borrowed from the early nineties adventure game "Robinson's Requiem".

Any quest, of course, requires enemies. Your enemies here are all red, unsightly creatures that shamble around the world in a state of perpetual confusion. A commentary on racism and the over-reliance of psycho-stimulant drugs on our children? That is for you to decide. The story in this game, implied, and never outright stated, rewards those who lean in for a closer look. Make no mistake: you will experience emotions during this game. All of them.

All this forms my newest classic: URQUEST. A fitting title -- implying it is the first quest, despite following so many others. That is because this is the beginning of a new era in quests, in adventures, in games. URQUEST could be the greatest game you've ever played, or the worst. The choice is yours.

What will you decide?

(Please excuse the crudity of the illustration; I had only forty percent of the 3D models rendered and bumped before the allotted two hours had expired and was forced to use 'pixel art'.)

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Bomb Quest


The life of a Bomb is harsh.

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Pirate Kart 2
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