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Quiet Mouse Loud


cw: this work briefly touches on:
existential dread,
organ failure,
radiation poisoning,
skin blemishes,

In this game you play as a mouse in a maze. I think the rest of the game speaks for itself.
I'm happy with the way this ended up going. It's like "art" I guess.
Code source can be provided upon request, and I think you could make a mac build with that.

Attached below is a 32 bit windows version of the game, in case you need it.

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An event

old man vs avast


a small experiment i made with the python programming language. it' s a visual novel. features voice acting by me.

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An event

Scandivania: Alpha Neon Ex


A totally unoriginal game made in a one night burst of forced labour and uncreativity. There is no happiness in this, only slavery. I wish they didn't take my booze away.

Any way, this game is a 2 player rhythm game about space vikings. Zithers ring and ting, and the sounds of lightning mega battle Ragnarok echo all the way from Techno-Ruritania to Neo-Valhalla. Jotunheim has been chopped off and all that is left is lightning mega battle Ragnarok. So off goes Htor and Vaenamoenen.

Also the controls don't bug, you just have to press at correct time. Don't bug me about this.

Creators: jukeri(zuker12), Megalover, Gritsen

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An event
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You are [PLAYER NAME HERE], and you just found out about some ugg boots on sale!!! HOLY SHIT UGG BOOTS I WANT SOME. It is a wild, slippery, leathery world out there, so be careful! You never know what will happen on your way to buying some nice UGG BOOTS.

"okay so the point is you expect toh ave a good time playing a game and are disappointed"
"that game was awful I am going to sleep for a while"
"I didn't like it very much, it wasn't funny"
"my kids played this and now they won't stop crying"

Q: How do I play?
A: After the game gets your name right, you just need to choose what area to move to at the end of every day.

Q: Help! I hate typing out whole words?
A: You only need to enter the first letter at any time! As in, 'N' for 'North'

Q: I LOVE YOUR GAME but I want to stop playing, how do I do that?
A: Press ESCAPE at any time, past the first screen

Q: I keep running out of food because I can't get enough meat after hunting down an Ugg!
A: That shouldn't be possible! Maybe you just suck at this game.

Q: What sickos made this? I'm reporting you!
A: Me (MNO) with plenty of help from Decky Coss

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An event

The Improved Trainwreck Idea Generator

Generates trainwreck ideas. You can add new ideas by editing the .txt files in the "data" directory.

Based on EffBee's generator.

EDIT: Usage;
1. Install Python.
2. Extract the generator to a suitable folder.
3. Start the command line, go to the folder, and type
4. Go make a trainwreck!

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Trainwreck Idea Generator - Version 1

Grr, why can't I upload .py files directly.

This is some silly thing I made using sloppy Python code that generates ideas for trainwrecks. Because I need an idea for a trainwreck. I'll try to submit something later.

It's really basic and follows a pretty cookie-cutter format. Maybe later on I can make it more advanced.

You have to run it in a terminal:
cd /path/to/scriptdirectory/

Now I will run this and attempt to make a trainwreck using one of the generated ideas for this event.

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An event
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