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Freestyle Rap Battle At The Theather Club


An attemp to make a rhythm game on KnP, you could say this was inspired by a chinese youtube video.

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An event

Scandivania: Alpha Neon Ex


A totally unoriginal game made in a one night burst of forced labour and uncreativity. There is no happiness in this, only slavery. I wish they didn't take my booze away.

Any way, this game is a 2 player rhythm game about space vikings. Zithers ring and ting, and the sounds of lightning mega battle Ragnarok echo all the way from Techno-Ruritania to Neo-Valhalla. Jotunheim has been chopped off and all that is left is lightning mega battle Ragnarok. So off goes Htor and Vaenamoenen.

Also the controls don't bug, you just have to press at correct time. Don't bug me about this.

Creators: jukeri(zuker12), Megalover, Gritsen

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An event

Puzzle Platformer


I've been an iOS game developer for a few years now, but this is my first solo and PC project. It's a simple puzzle platformer, but with a twist you may not expect. Enjoy!

For explanation of the subtext please read the attached ARTIST-STATEMENT txt file.

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An event



A horizontal shooter with action generated based on your music. OH YEAH.

(Except it's not your music, it's glorious late 70's German pop.)


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An event
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