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Rauul into the sunset

boss attack.png

Play in your pc or on your web browser!

Controls are
Arrows,Z and X

Have fun!

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Sally 9


Sally 9 the Tenth instalment in the long running series by RUSTYMOON.
The controls can be found in the help section on the title screen

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Farewell 3, For babies

itch thumb.png

An easier version of my Banger game "Farewell 3: Blackhole conspiracy"

Arrows to move
CRTL to jump
ALT to fire
Jumping in mid-air while holding one of three arrow keys provides a boost in that direction, a upwards double jump will allways have priority of being executed, for example if you hold left and up and then do a double jump you will proform a upwards double jump instead of left double jump.

Have fun lads
sorry if you have a 4k screen, youll probably want to open the magnifyer program on your pc

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Plaster Master (for Hubol)


[EDIT: game stages will progress now. Thanks for your patience and persistence, hubol!]
This is PLASTER MASTER, A Game made by let-off-studios for the Springtime Santa 2020 event for Hubol. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Guide Bug Eye the frog who starts a journey to complete some minor repairs, and ends up fixing much more (and making some new friends along the way).

Game is now updated to version 1.2 . This should be visible on the title screen and the included readme file.

  • You can use the keyboard or a standard gamepad/joystick with this game. A mouse is not required.
  • ARROW KEYS move the frog. Walk LEFT or RIGHT. Climb ladders with UP or DOWN. To drop from a ladder while standing on it, press SHIFT.
  • You can sling plaster over your head with CTRL. You can hold five shots at a time. Walk to a Blue Barrel to refill your personal plaster bucket.
  • To jump, press SHIFT. Hold the SHIFT KEY down longer to jump higher. To charge-up your Jump, press and hold DOWN. When you begin to flash, press and hold SHIFT to jump very high. If you continue to hold down, consider yourself in POWER JUMP MODE, because you can execute POWER JUMPs over and over again.
  • To turn a valve, press UP.
  • To exit a game in progress, press and hold the ESC KEY.

More instructions and details are in the game.

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Seaborg's Manor

recording (1).gif

Your name is Seaborg and you have inherited a manor. However, you become trapped in the manor. Can you escape?

The music is "Ricardo Villalobos - Frank Mueller Melodram"

Sometimes bitsy games can be kind of frustrating so here's a short guide:

-Go straight left from the starting point in the manor

-Go in the kitchen and go down to the wine cellar to get the Eyeball of Communion

-Go back up through the kitchen to the King's Suite. Talk to the king and get his letter

-Go back to the gate and up the stairs on the right to get to the pool

-Go in the architect's bag and use the glasses to solve the maze and get the code

-Go up the west stairs to the archive room, get the directions using the code

-Go all the way to the right, past the courtyard

-Go to the cemetery to the right and inspect the large grave. Follow the instructions on it to get 1 ending, disregard them to get the other

-Go in the tower, up the stairs, and fall into the dungeon

-Follow the directions from the archive. In the last room, a shadow is there. He tell you the final direction. Go out of the dungeon

-Talk to the queen. Then, take her letter and fall off the tower to the left

-Retrace your steps and talk to the king again. He gives you the key to the manor. Inspect the lock to the left of the main gate to escape the manor

-Go to the bank in the bottom right of town. Based on your decision regarding the grave, talking to the teller will result in 1 of 2 different endings.

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VVVVVV: Moonfall


Alright, so I've decided to just post this as-is. The deadline's been stressing me out a little and I've kinda been losing steam on this anyway, so I threw together everything I had and hopefully this is a decent showing. Development of this started on the 21st, the day I learned about this jam.
Also, I haven't tested the Linux or Mac versions, but I'm sure they're fine. Anyway, to the point.

First off, this was made in Pico-8. If you've never heard of it, it's a "fantasy console", kind of like an emulator for a console that never existed. Specs wise I'd say it's somewhere between a Game Boy Color and an 80's home computer, with strict limits on cartridge space and LUA as its programming language.

This was originally going to be a lot more than this, actually, I'd go as far as to say it was overly ambitious. I love VVVVVV, it was the first indie game I ever played and I've beaten it several times. I really wanted to do it justice with a maybe fifteen minutes to half hour or so long tribute game with a story and everything. And I was on pace for doing that, but somewhere along the way it fell apart, and my subpar coding skills were probably part of that. That and how high I always aim in everything that I do. I tried my best to be reasonable too, deciding to totally leave out the tower early on because it'd be too much work, then eventually the story got cut, then another thing, then the next, and well here we are. And it doesn't help that a lot of the code I wrote was a mess.

This demo shows off Space Station 1, which while short, is mostly finished, complete with room titles referencing other things. Then you're dropped into the outskirts of the map to wander around and see a few more rooms showing off stuff I did such as several Pico-8 covers of songs from the original game, a few extra rooms, conveyor belts, flip lines, the other tilesets, and a Veni, Vidi, Vici knockoff I did early on for testing the spikes. The original plan was to have little mini representations like this of each level except the tower, but I just couldn't design levels as well with a due date floating over my head.

As for the title, it's from a dream I had a few months back, about a nonexistent sequel to VVVVVV called VVVVVV:Moonfall. The story would've tied into it, but I never got that far. I probably won't work more on this, but if I some day decide to come back to it and finish it up true to my vision, It'll be on the Lexaloffle BBS. My username there is Spaz48. I'll be posting this there as well, and if you go there you'll be able to dig through the code if you want.

Anyway, to wrap up this long ramble, Terry Cavanagh, if you read this, thank you. You've been an inspiration to me, and I hope you like my little somewhat failed attempt at a game. VVVVVV means quite a bit to me and I hope at least the thought and effort I put in serves as a good enough love letter to it.

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2720: The Last Mouse On Earth (For Petra)


Happy Klikmas, Petra! I hope you enjoy your gift.

2720: The Last Mouse On Earth.
You are the little green Mouse character. You are exploring the world, and will eventually seek out a new friend. This is more like an interactive story than a game.

DROP DOWN from some platforms by holding DOWN and pressing SHIFT.
Hold the ESC key to return to the title screen from any point in the game.

Any questions? Find any bugs? Please let me know as soon as convenient. Thanks!


Petra's wish-list is as follows:
For secret santa, I'd like glimpses into (an)other unfamiliar world(s)
I hope the santa who gets me can work with that and has a lovely time doing so. :3

The rest of this extra:

Things I like:
-Animals, it's hard to choose
-Anthro stuff
-Cozy & kind & nice & soft (but don't let that restrict you)
-Space things (Like, things in there. Maybe not so much stars and planets)
-but also nature
-Places that are turned inwards
-Reflection (optically and mentally)
-Colourful things
-Nice (night?) skies
-GIFs and early 3D renderings

Stuff that isn't as easy as "I like this"

-Spiders are cool but please don't add spiderwebs I have a phobia for the latter.
-Ruins that look like they could have been functioning spaces instead of just grand monumentality
-If you want to do non-happy stuff then please do sad instead of angry
-Absolutely no horror please


I also had a look at Petra's art submissions, and used the two characters shown there. The green Mouse is the main character of the game I made.

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Potluck Party Panic!


Oh no! Petra (that's me!) has been meaning to attend the Glorious Trainwrecks Potluck Party 2019, but has not made anything on the last day yet! But, in her time of need, Fox Girl is willing to step up and save the day by making a soup that will surely save Petra's reputation as being nice! Go forth, and do as you must to make this part a succesful one!

Use the left and right arrow keys to walk about and the up arrow to jump. There's two endings depending on if you collect enough food for the soup!
There will be music after the intro.

Have fun~ :3


The non-code stuff is entirely made out of free assets, which I've provided a list for in the readme.

I am not able to export non-windows builds of this stuff myself because I don't have a mac or linux computer (which is why I really want to get to learning another game makey thing) I've tried to put up another things with the source files in case you happen to be able and are willing to try.

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1HGJ: CandyGet


CANDYGET, a game made in just over an hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Halloween.

You're trick or treating at an apartment complex, and want to collect as much candy as possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate the halls, jump up to the next floor, and drop down to the lower floors.

Try for a high score. A score approaching 1,000 is pretty good, and a score over 1,000 is great!

Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.
Graphics and event coding by me in Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made in LabChirp.

PS: This is my 100th submission to Glorious Trainwrecks. :)

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The List (for hellojed)

TheListItchio v3.png


Elizabeth the elephant is like any other inhabitant of the tree-top community of Pleasant Animal Village. She spends her days in the forest, idle but happy, surrounded by friends, although in constant fear of the flock of airplanes that threaten to ruin her way of life. Wait, what? Yes, indeed, everyone is worried about these strange metal beasts that pollute the air physically and aurally. They cause great havoc for ground dwellers, and they are getting closer and closer to the village... Nobody knows what to do about it. Elizabeth, however, is willing to try anything! Guide her as she explores the village, talks to her friends, and tries to save the day. But most of all, have fun!


The List is a light-hearted adventure game with simple platforming, a few minigames, and a focus on dialogue. It should take 2-3 hours to finish. Due to the length, and amount of reading, I recommend playing it over multiple sessions. Should you need help progressing in the game, or if want to make sure you find every item, there is an extensive walkthrough included.

Linux Compatibility

You can play The List on Linux using WINE! The game has been completely playtested using WINE on Ubuntu. If you are using 64-bit Linux, and the game starts without any sound, you might be missing 32-bit libraries for your default sound device. As a common example, if your setup is PulseAudio on 64-bit Debian/Ubuntu, you can install 32-bit libraries using the apt-get utility: apt-get install libpulse0:i386


The List is a game by Nikki Bee. It's also available on for Pay What You Want! I spent a long time on the game, and donations are appreciated. The entire soundtrack was done by Christopher Psukhe. It's included with the game in medium quality Ogg Vorbis format, as well as the original MIDI format. It's also available in other formats on his Bandcamp! Further credits are available in "Credits.txt".

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