Potluck Party Panic!

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Oh no! Petra (that's me!) has been meaning to attend the Glorious Trainwrecks Potluck Party 2019, but has not made anything on the last day yet! But, in her time of need, Fox Girl is willing to step up and save the day by making a soup that will surely save Petra's reputation as being nice! Go forth, and do as you must to make this part a succesful one!

Use the left and right arrow keys to walk about and the up arrow to jump. There's two endings depending on if you collect enough food for the soup!
There will be music after the intro.

Have fun~ :3


The non-code stuff is entirely made out of free assets, which I've provided a list for in the readme.

I am not able to export non-windows builds of this stuff myself because I don't have a mac or linux computer (which is why I really want to get to learning another game makey thing) I've tried to put up another things with the source files in case you happen to be able and are willing to try.

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Lots of Treats Here

Nice work, and lots of additions to the potluck here (I'm particularly fond of the avocado you found). Some nice cameo appearances here, too...!

Thanks for submitting a piece for the event, Petra! :)

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The game works on linux with

The game works on linux with wine for me. Thank you for putting BINKY in the game :) I'm sure they enjoy the food. Also I like the fox girl character.

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this was really nice :) I

this was really nice :) I love the real world parallel of the story!! I couldn't seem to get the second ending though? I made it with only 10 foods the second time and the result seemed the same! I'm just curious about multiple endings tho, it didn't spoil the experience.

ps. this looks like your first game here, so welcome to glorious trainwrecks!

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You were almost there! The

You were almost there! The second ending requires less than 10 food, so you have effectively avoid picking things up to see it. :P

If you can't manage it but want to see it, I can get you a screenshot. :3

P.S. Thank you~ :3

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oh my gosh, less than 10

oh my gosh, less than 10 food, what a challenge! thank you for offering a screenshot, we'll see if we can manage it ourselves first though :)

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I enjoy the food magnetism

I enjoy the food magnetism at the end of this.

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I'm glad that it both works

I'm glad that it both works and doesn't. :3