Sekret Santa Holidaze 2018 Edition

Wed, Nov 21 2018 05:00 PM
11/22/2018 - 00:00
01/06/2019 - 23:59


You know what that means, don't you? It's time for Glorious Trainwreckers all over the globe to share their funnest secret game desires with the world, then turn someone else's wishes into reality!

Here's How It Works:


    Create your wish list of what you want to see in a game, and post it in the comments below. Essentially, this is a list of clues for someone else, so they have an idea of what you'd like to see in a video game made especially for you. If you are late to the party and want to have a go at this, please send me a private message and I'll see what I can do for you.

    My faithful assistant randomly pairs-up a participant with someone else's wish list. Each participant takes that list as an inspiration for the game/toy/puzzle they'll spend the next couple weeks making. Make your games, toys, and puzzles now! As soon as you finish, post your game here in this event (see PHASE THREE, below).

    Games become "due"! Make sure you've created something and posted it here for your recipient to see and enjoy! It's also time to play other participants' games and share your constructive critique and supportive comments. Be sure to show appreciation for your game-maker once you've had a chance to play what they've made for you, of course...!

"OH HECK YEAH I WANT TO PARTICIPATE THIS YEAR!", you must be saying to yourself. All you need to do is post a list below of what you want to see in a game. There are no guarantees you'll see absolutely everything, but I can guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised with what is made for you. Additionally, posting your list below is a solid commitment that you will do your darnedest to create something from the wish list you've been assigned. Do your best. THE FATE OF CHISTMAS DEPENDS ON YOU.

Post questions below, folks! I will do my best to answer them ASAP.

On to the Santa GIFs...

Games made for Sekret Santa Holidaze 2018 Edition


Dear Satna

All I want for Chistmas is:

  • explosions
  • vehicles
  • penguins or other flightless birds
  • googly eyes
  • a high score table


Capt_hastings-Chrissy's picture


For Clickmas I would like:
.Some original art
.A great soundtrack
.Some story, hopefully of love and betrayal (not necessarily in that order)
.It would be great if it included a human-animal hybrid (I like cat hybrids but I'll take anything)
.A chrissy and a clyde character

mbtzl's picture

dear Hanukkah Harry,For

dear Hanukkah Harry,
For Kliksmas all I want is...
1- Parkour (specifically wall running)
2 - 60s/Cold war/Jazzpunk/Pulp/No One Lives Forever aesthetic
9- Lots of stats and meters for nonsensical stuff that you don’t know the purpose of
37- Big open areas
4- Wacky characters
6- All is not what it seems...

Stranger's picture

really hope i get to make

really hope i get to make this


Be sure to post your wish list then, so I can add you to the name-drawing. :)

fotocopiadora's picture

i desire: -

i desire:
- rats/scorpions/bugs
- plenty of menus (of the videogame sort not food menus)
- secrets
anything not in this list is probably ok as well though

thank you very much ❤️

spiral's picture

chistmas listmas

- dingo
- friends
- happiness
- the fourth dimension
- midi music (but not christmas midis)
- a giant pizza, or maybe regular size idk
- a strong belief in cooperation for everyone

Fluffy Kittys

Fluffy Kittys
Can play as a girl
Colourful & cute
Very non-linear
Dress-up & hairstyling system
Secret passages, hidden treasures
Complex fighting-game-style inputs
"Bad game design"

Sorry, I think I asked for too much in this list.... Please don't stress yourself out about including all of these elements, since some could be very complicated or difficult. These are just some things I would find cute in a game. You can pick whichever ones you find interesting or fun to make.

Alchiggins's picture

I am combining my wishlists

I am combining my wishlists from the last two years:
-Collectible card game
-Low wage customer service job
-Companion character
-Survival/self-care/pet care mechanics
-Free exploration
-Non-sequitur lore
-Anything resembling the Digimons

EDIT: Just wanna clarify, this doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) a collectible card game, just needs the concept featured in some way.

Kate B's picture

- A reference to/snippet of

- A reference to/snippet of dialogue from "Bug Too!" (Sega Saturn,1996)
- Frills
- Balls-to-the-wall
- Heavy Metal
- Unashamedly Femme
- Looks "Christmassy" in some way
- Non-violent (slapstick violence is ok I just mean no blood or death)
- sincerity > irony (if forced to choose.)
(a bootleggy style is fine, does not have to look pro)

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World Peace

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The List

Thank you This is my first year participating... I hope I will enjoy.
What I would like to see...
1: The player character is either
A: one of the BINKY characters
you can download them here
B: A rodent, a mouse, a rat something like that.
2: The North Pole, or the South Pole, or anywhere cold. Maybe even the frozen moon of Europa...
3: The Evil Vampire Dracula... he can be serious or funny, but I prefer funny.
4: Block Puzzles... maybe... don't spend too much time on the logic.
5: If you have the technical knowledge... the characters could talk like in love de lic games chopped voice sounds. If you can't perhaps you can at least give the feeling of games like moon rpg and chibi robo... but don't get too concerned
Uhm. Thank you in advance.
Edit: Here's another example
and please try to make sure this game runs on linux... it's the only OS I regularly use

clyde's picture

-I want fabrics everywhere I

-I want fabrics everywhere I look.
-Homemade sound effects (the more the better)
-Please keep identifiable objects to a minimum. I basically want the game to be about fabrics more than the things that are made of fabric.
-No words at all.

hellojed's picture

Wishlist 2k18

Sega Dreamcast era Aesthetics/Music/etc
The Citroen DS
That's it! (?)

Danni's picture

Ah what the hey, I think

Ah what the hey, I think I'll join this year.

- Yoshi, Dragonite, or Goodra as hero character
- Main characters kind and also gay
- Humorous dialogue with character development
- Sincerity
- Exploration
- Maybe shmup mechanics?? I don't know, this one's optional

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Dear Saint Klik, For Santa

Dear Saint Klik,

For Santa Time this year, I want the ugliest asset pack in the whooooole wiiiiide woooorld, and a demo game showing it off. just like my hero, indie graphics bundle.

Ideally, it would have
* tiles
* guys
* items
* UI elements
* modular pet making assets
* make your own slot machine kit
* photographs of food like in final fantasy 15

Thank you santa!!! I LOVE YOU!!

dear santa

- explosions
- lots of enemies at once
- cute protagonist
- maybe in space
- a macguffin

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hi secret recipient

- good movement
- bubbles
- renaissance architecture
- negative space
- beautiful spikes
- some music from the free music archive
- falling

don't feel pressured to use everything in this list, just have fun making what you like. :)

Game-Making Sessions

If someone signs up, I'd like to do everything possible to ensure they receive a gift this year. Does anyone have experience with hosting game-making online sessions? Maybe Discord? Maybe something else I'm not familiar with? The general idea I'm floating here is to motivate people to deliberately set time aside so they can work on their projects and stay motivated to finish from the input from others.

Would you personally want to jump in and participate in a Discord chat for a few hours a week once game-making starts, focused specifically on finishing your gift and encouraging others to finish theirs?

Alchiggins's picture

I like the idea! The one

I like the idea! The one problem I see is that everybody's gift ceases to be secret, unless everybody decides to be super vague about the progress they're making.

clyde's picture

Maybe there could be two

Maybe there could be two rooms and have everyone in room A making a game for everyone in room B (and vice versa). If something goes sour with one of the participants, the rest of the room can come together to help out.

Two Rooms

I like that idea, and it also helps forge a kind of team dynamic where - as you've said - the rest of the team can pick up the slack so that no matter who is assigned to a wish list, the game will be completed. Certainly different than the original format, but there's a likelihood of more completions if we try this different method.

I'll think on it and see if I can work out logistics with my assistant (the person who sorts the names).

Any other ideas? Anyone else into some kind of team-based or "buddy system" to hold game-makers accountable? Not sure why I'm so fixated on this at the moment, other than I think it's a bummer that some folks don't end up with games at the end of this.

Alchiggins's picture

I like the two team idea!

I like the two team idea! Besides increasing the completion rate, I'm more excited that it also provides a nice little community space. Y'all are some dope people, and I wanna talk to everyone more!
It also feels weird not posting game progress on the usual public social media channels for this jam.

Danni's picture

What will happen if we end

What will happen if we end up with an odd number of participants?

Lone Wolf Style

I'll volunteer to opt out of the shared spaces, and be the third person of a trio. Either that, or I will volunteer to make two games (and still opt out, of course). Haven't decided which just yet.

At the moment, it's not a problem. The deadline is fast approaching...

Capt_hastings-Chrissy's picture

Game help

I think this is a great idea, but I also have reservations.
For one, last year it took me the entire time plus a little more time to finish my own game. I couldn't imagine being able to complete someone else's game in that time also if the person I was paired with decided to opt out.
Also, I only know how to make visual novels, so if someone wanted help or trouble shooting or whatever on anything that wasn't a VN program I couldn't help them.
For fic fests there is something like this, (You proofread, brainstorm, and cheerlead for them) which I do a lot of. I find that once someone has enough pressure in their own lives to want to drop out, encouragement doesn't really help, it just adds more pressure.
On the other hand I am married to clyde, who helps me brainstorm and troubleshoot and play test and I wouldn't have made last years game without him, so I also see the benefit of having another person around that provides that. And it would be great to provide that for another person. But not under the condition that I have to finish their game or that they want me to know anything about the program they are using.

Stranger's picture


For Klikmas I would like an "anti-climbing" game where you start at the top and must climb down. I'd really like for the path down to be unmarked, not even clear if it's possible to get down, or there to be many paths that become extremely difficult or impossible. Also, it doesn't need to be an actual mountain that I'm descending.

I'm going to leave it at that so as to keep the possibilities open for you, Santa. But here are some things I like that are in no way requirements:

-Early 2000s era graphics eg Counter Strike 1.6, Brigand: Oaxaca, and Maximum Action
-cheesing a games movement physics like this, this, and of course the masters of coordinated physics cheesing
-tons of edible plants/foods/drinks
-vast soundscapes

But more than any of this, I want you to have fun making my game. So only use from the above list what you find interesting, whether thats all of it or none.

Thanks Santa!

mbtzl's picture

woah this is a great idea

woah this is a great idea holy cow

fizzhog's picture

My List for Santa

Nearly missed it again this year!

My last minute list off the top of my head:

I want it to be over the top
Something about the theatre and stage sets
Glass - there must be glassware
A story - pure melodrama
I want game assets that can be freely re-used - I may want to make something in response
Lots of characters

Or as many of the above as you can manage. Don't stress about it.

quasiotter's picture


if it's not too late, i'll participate

my list:
1. flowers

optional constraints:
diorama, no win state, minimal interaction, wholesome, relaxing, whispering breeze, honey

hugs's picture

with apologies to my last

with apologies to my last two santees, i'm going to try again this year

i would like a procedurally generated explorospace in which i can take photos and maybe pick flowers (this sounds like a big 3d thing but it in no way needs to be!)


a game where learning the interface is half the fun!

akair's picture


I missed submissions! I'll submit my list and pray to Santa that I may enter!

What I want for christmas:
* Snow
* mysteries
* puzzles
* RPG and/or action adventure
* bright happy colors.

Thats it! I hope I can enter (this is what I look forward to most during the whole year)

No Worries

I'll fit you in there, Akair. The lists are being sorted at this point, so we'll just add you in the mix.

akair's picture

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you very much! :D

Phase Two Begins!

Everyone should have received their messages by now. It details two important things:

  • Your recipient
  • You Discord server link

Feel free to use your specific Team's server for anything: brainstorming, posting screenshots, playtest requests, troubleshooting, etc. This Discord chat room is completely optional, and if you don't feel like it then you don't need to use it at all. Of course, whether or not you do use it don't share the link with anyone else besides those you know are already on your team!!!

I must admit that I am almost completely new to Discord and making servers and stuff like that. If I didn't set it up correctly, or your invitation doesn't work for some reason, please let me know ASAP and I will sort it as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile... Start making stuff!!! Have fun, everyone!

clyde's picture

Thank you and your assistant

Thank you and your assistant for your hard work.

Discord Channels

Thanks to clyde I've learned how to set up new channels in Discord.

If you're Discord-savvy and you'd like a channel for your specific project, then send me a message to let me know and I can take care of business.


Just like to say that I think the choice of going with Discord chat rooms was a good one.

Thanks again for the suggestions, folks! :)


Yeah, time for more santa gifs!

(Walken in a Winter Wonderland)

scarbo's picture

Missed it

I really wish I payed attention to the time lol. I missed this AND the ludum dare. :(


Hey, it's a busy time of year for everyone. You wouldn't be the first person who missed out on it.

Maybe I can host a "boxing day" or "holiday leftovers" game jam event that's an incredibly-condensed version of this. Old skool, 2-hour game jam like we used to do when I first showed up here at GT. I'll think about it...

Four Days

Four more days before the official "soft deadline" comes to pass, everyone! Please make sure you do your best to have a little somethin' somethin' to show for your recipient.

You can always update it later, if you're feeling like there's room for improvement.

more gifs

Just a few days left before that so-called "deadline" folks! Do your best to have something to show your recipient by then. I'm absolutely certain they'll appreciate it and you'll brighten their day. Well, hell that's how it's always been for me in the past, anyway.

Kate B's picture


I got SICK so I'm having to move the deadline back a couple days for me. I was planning to hit the deadline anyway- if you haven't recieved a game yet stay tuned cause it Could be YOU!

akair's picture

Also running late

I've let my giftee know.
I got my day off from work today so I'm working hard to get it done now!
Also looking forward to playing my game (YAY), but first work, then play :)

Drambique's picture

dear recipient

im sorry but my gift will be late.

hey man

ch nice stop/go animation in the first animation.. the second to last get me spinning, but the first gets me goin. congratulations on this find, however you found that findy find. cro out.

Just Gotta Say...

...Damn! This Chistmas turned out pretty awesome. :D

Hope everyone's still celebrating their year the best way they know how. Already stoked for the next one...!