destroy yr boss the card game (for alchiggins)

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Game File (Linux): 

the big videogame! about malls! featuring:

- precarious employment
- trading cards??? hell yes
- various denizens of the mall
- strange intriguing lore
- exploration
- your boss

made as a sekret santa gift for alchiggins! incredible

also: this is somewhat of a work in progress! since i spent all the time writing dreadful game code that sucks! but i plan to add new features such as:
- more cards
- more mall zones and characters
- saving the game (in case it gets too big)
- animations!
- fewer horrible bugs!

please enjoy this fine awful game of cards and thanks for understanding

- various midi songs by the backstreet boys and haddaway, sequenced by GUS, CF and unknown people
- posterizing effect based on a shader by kino
- everything else by fotocopiadora

Made For: 
An event


I am really enjoying

I am really enjoying exploring this mall world! But the game seems to softlock in the scorpions fight in the shoe store after D. Scorpion uses breath on itself. Nothing is happening and I cannot click on my deck or on "pass".

I think I finished it!

I think I finished it! This game is really cute! I love the characters and world and I like that the rules of the card game (like the effects of the different moves and stats) are left as a mystery. There was some fun strategy in the deckbuilding too.

Also, I think the softlock I mention doesn't happen every time D. Scorpion uses breath, but only when it uses breath and the other two scorpions die from it, or something? In case that helps you find the problem.

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it helps!! it's fixed now

it helps!! it's fixed now hopefully, thank you sylvie!! and glad you enjoyed it!

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This was great. Loved what

This was great. Loved what you did with the wishlist. I could see this one working in an expanded form as you said. Just to mention - I had a couple of false starts with cards being offscreen until I figured out what resolution I should be using.

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That was great! Boss

That was great! Boss destrooooyyeed! I have so many thoughts about this!

I was worried that my list was too ambitious (especially since I always ask for complicated stuff and didn't get games the last two years haha), so not only was I amazed that you programmed a TCG in such a short time, but you got the rest of the list as well!

I really like how the card game is *just* complicated enough to trigger all the dopamine hits associated with the genre (topdecking the card you need, building a stronger deck, etc), but still simple enough to be feasible to make in a month.

I'm also impressed by how clearly the game teaches itself with absolutely zero overt tutorialization. I admittedly still have no idea what the Crystal Pepsi does, or why you'd ever use breath, but otherwise, I felt like I totally understood what was going on. Having an opponent like Mopey that acts as simple knowledge test (do you know how ghosts work) was a clever way to teach the player a mechanic without explaining it outright.

Being defeated by your boss in the card game, but without it being a scripted cutscene, was a super smart way to start the game. And the penultimate card fight against him had the right amount of tension. Beatable (evidently), but I wasn't sure I was able to do it until the turn I did (those babies are a menace).

I loved the mall world and its inhabitants! esp Dracula.

I'm excited to see what else you add to this! Thanks again for making it!

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im so glad you enjoyed it!

im so glad you enjoyed it! it was sorta hard to make but also really fun! i've been meaning to do more rpg-ish stuff in unity so it was great for learning too! right now i want to add a second floor (with a different screen color wow) and also animations which hopefully will make the game more readable and let me implement more complicated abilites and stuff, we'll see if i can make that work haha

also if you really want to know (rot13) :

- gur "pelfgny" novyvgl qbrf abguvat orpnhfr vg'f ohttrq yby, ohg v yrsg vg va orpnhfr vg svg gur "hfryrff pbyyrpgbe vgrz" synibe bs gur pneq

- fbzr pneqf (fb sne: zbcrl, pbec. tubfg, LBHE OBFF (2aq cunfr)) unir n "erirefr fcvevg" rssrpg jurer novyvgvrf yvxr fzvyr ybjre gurve fcvevg juvyr tybbz vapernfrf vg

again im so happy you liked it!!! <3

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Aaaah, okay. V xarj nobhg

Aaaah, okay. V xarj nobhg gur erirefr rssrpgf; V guvax orpnhfr oerngu nssrpgrq nyy bs lbhe pneqf ng bapr V jnfa'g noyr gb qrgrpg nal fbeg bs cnggrea.

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Love the game, interesting

Love the game, interesting mechanics.
For a card game it really doesn't explain the card interactions at all, but they still make sense if you look at the board state, so that's a good thing.

I wish I could fight the friendly scorpions but it crashed both times I tried.

The boss is very hard -- hah, if you have a bad deck!!!

Cool deck building tips by me, deck building master in rot13
trg evq bs nyy lbhe fpbecvbaf naq nyy lbhe gbvyrg ebyyf, gura cvpx hc gur pneqf lbh trg sebz orngvat gur inevbhf bgure znyy qravmraf, naq gura jva rirel gvzr

fotocopiadora's picture

v checbfryl qvqag yvzvg ubj

v checbfryl qvqag yvzvg ubj znal pneqf lbh pna unir va lbhe qrpx orpnhfr v jnf hafher bs ubj vg jbhyq cynl bhg ohg lrnu gungf n cerggl tbbq fgengrtl... ubjrire v'z tbaan nqq n zvavzhz gb gur ahzore bs pneqf gb gur rzcyblrr orunivbe thvqryvarf!!! un un lbhe qnlf ner pbhagrq! -lbhe obff

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Zl svany qrpx pbafvfgrq bs

Zl svany qrpx pbafvfgrq bs nyy bs gur tbbq pneqf lbh rnea, cyhf frira fpbecvbaf. Syhfuvat gur gbvyrg ebyyf NFNC jnf na boivbhf pnyy, ohg V srry yvxr gur znva qrpxohvyqvat qrpvfvba vf jurgure gb vapyhqr fpbecvbaf if napvrag orre if arvgure. Juvyr napvrag orre bssref fbzr irefngvyvgl, rfcrpvnyyl va gur tubfg-ohfgvat qrcnegzrag, gur fpbecvbaf qrnyg gur fnzr nzbhag bs qnzntr ohg jrer zber erfvyvrag. Gur ernfba V vapyhqrq gurz ng nyy jnf whfg gb vapernfr gur bqqf bs qenjvat n svtugre rirel ghea, ohg guvf znl abg unir orra arprffnel (naq vg znlor rira qerj bhg gur obff qhry).

Speedrun strategy

1. Genfu rirelguvat rkprcg Pbssrr naq gjb Fpbecvbaf.
2. Svtug gur pnef naq jva. Genfu rirelguvat rkprcg Pbssrr, na Natel Pne naq gur Yvzbhfvar.
3. Orng hc gur obff hfvat fznfu naq gheob+qevsg.

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That is scarily efficient.

That is scarily efficient.

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What I ended up doing was

What I ended up doing was
Yvzb bayl qrpx
Ulcre pbafvfgrag, jva ba ghea 1

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That is terrifyingly

That is terrifyingly consistent.

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I never thought I'd hear the

I never thought I'd hear the backstreet boys convincingly work as an RPG battle theme.

I need to upgrade my cards but I can only find a shop selling scorpions. Then I sold him all my scorpions by mistake. Thinking I missed something in the mall somewhere.... I love all the character sprites and just the general feeling the whole thing gives me. Has that feeling of closing time at a mall.