Mrs.Klaus (For Kate B)

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Happy Holidayz Kate B!

We didn't finish yet to do the game as we intended, so here is something small for the meantime, hope you'll enjoy it :)

Reminder of your request:
- A reference to/snippet of dialogue from "Bug Too!" (Sega Saturn,1996)
- Frills
- Balls-to-the-wall
- Heavy Metal
- Unashamedly Femme
- Looks "Christmassy" in some way
- Non-violent (slapstick violence is ok I just mean no blood or death)
- sincerity > irony (if forced to choose.)
(a bootleggy style is fine, does not have to look pro)

idowtf, mbtzl
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An event


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this was fun! I was trying

this was fun! I was trying to figure out if dropping the presents down the chimneys was helping me in any way. It's also very balls-to-the-wall because I kept dying, so I gave it several playthroughs to see how long I could last. Very good

You say there's -another- game for me coming? I look forward to it.....

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Glad you liked it :D

Yes, we are hoping to make something bigger, without a deadline since we are both busy at the moment.
so i guess when(/if) it does come, that will be an actual surprise :P

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Also you'd be surprised how

Also you'd be surprised how long it took me to spot the Bug Too! reference. It's the discs! I don't know how I missed it first time!

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If you're nice, you get a

If you're nice, you get a copy of "Bug Too!" And if you're naughty... you get a copy of "Bug Too!"

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