[fr0g] clan official server 24/7 zk map (for stranger)

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This is a game about very carefully descending haphazardly constructed geometry without dying. The movement is pretty technical, being hacked from one of those quake style character controllers. There's bunny hopping and strafe jumping, and also some extra spicy custom crafted momentum mechanics special for this game. I recommend playing the early-2000s-period-accurate insufficient tutorial level.

There's also a minimal multiplayer component so you can see who else is playing and how they're doing. It's very barebones, though.

For stranger, who requested:

For Klikmas I would like an "anti-climbing" game where you start at the top and must climb down. I'd really like for the path down to be unmarked, not even clear if it's possible to get down, or there to be many paths that become extremely difficult or impossible. Also, it doesn't need to be an actual mountain that I'm descending.

I'm going to leave it at that so as to keep the possibilities open for you, Santa. But here are some things I like that are in no way requirements:

-Early 2000s era graphics eg Counter Strike 1.6, Brigand: Oaxaca, and Maximum Action
-cheesing a games movement physics like this, this, and of course the masters of coordinated physics cheesing
-tons of edible plants/foods/drinks
-vast soundscapes

Contributions (probably not exhaustive)

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Absolutely brilliant. That's

Absolutely brilliant. That's all I can say. I haven't seen something like this ever before.

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Thanks! Stranger has the

Thanks! Stranger has the best game ideas.

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Really impressive game, and

Really impressive game, and a really impressive degree of list-fulfilment.

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I aim to please :B

I aim to please :B

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this is a more perfect representation of my wish list than I was even imagining. it's extremely fun to bhop around and find your own challenging routes. the drop in multiplayer is excellent and a very impressive addition to a klikmas game, and makes hopping around and finding difficult routes together that much better.

also, the player model is pretty high up on my list of best models made only with primitives.

thanks a lot mkapolk!

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Finished all the levels! As

Finished all the levels! As far as weird gimmick FPS game levels go, this pretty much hits the nail on the head! Might replay this to try some other routes down and see if I can do any without taking damage. Curious how many author-intended routes there are through each level, and how many unintended routes there might be!

The Linux version worked just fine.

The shapes in the Volcano map make me think of this site (flashing/loud sound warning)

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There aren't really any

There aren't really any author-intended routes all the way through. My process for making the levels was to scatter geometry more or less randomly and then try to traverse it. There are some segments that are a bit more authored than others (the big marble structure in zk_volcano is an obvious one), but none that stretch an entire map. Sometimes when I was going down a map if I thought that an area shouldn't be a dead end I'd add some more stuff to it, but that's about as far as it went.

Glad to hear the linux version worked for you!

>My process for making the

>My process for making the levels was to scatter geometry more or less randomly and then try to traverse it.
>Sometimes when I was going down a map if I thought that an area shouldn't be a dead end I'd add some more stuff to it, but that's about as far as it went.

This is the way.

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You what?

I want to see a let's play of this! It was very difficult for me to get very far through these levels.

I love the weird mechanic to extend your jump. The food system really reminded me of Gauntlet or Diablo/Fable for some reason. It sounds like you perfectly executed the criteria. The bouncing mechanic is as brilliant and helpful as it is frustrating. For some reason, this feels like some lost genre of "walking sim" or "platformer" It's like a hypnogogic game.

Stress Test

Under the guise of a server stress test, maybe we can have an event where we schedule a time for a whole bunch of people meander their way down to the bottom of the levels simultaneously... Sound fun to anyone?

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This is challenging and fun.

This is challenging and fun. It has a similar appeal to Counter-Strike surfing.

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I loved these levels! I wish

I loved these levels! I wish actual deathmatch games had giant, sprawling, vertical nightmare levels like these. It's really cool how you're able to evoke nostalgia for early 2000s multiplayer FPS games without any shooting.

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This was a lot of fun to play! I did find a little cheat though. If you drop down and hit an area, if you time it right, as soon as you die you can press the checkpoint button and it sets your checkpoint even though you died. But other than that this game is really creative and really fun. On the volcano level It originally took me like 16 minutes (I dunno if thats good or bad), but after I found that trick out I got a score of 55 seconds. You might wanna fix that if you don't want people cheating. I also love the quake-style movement and graphics.


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this game is amaaazing!!!

this game is amaaazing!!! its kinda insane how many situations can be solved with a well-placed strafe jump. just trying to go as fast as possible is definitely my favorite thing to do in the game. (i managed to get to 33 ups!) i found it funny that you can strafe jump fast enough to die upon hitting a wall. also i really like how incredibly open ended the game is, it really feels like the possibilities to descend are endless.

wow. i could stand in these

wow. i could stand in these environments for ages. also i fun game. blown away, this should be on the app store in VR head gear on world tour

Love it!

Loving this game. Have been playing a lot of it! Great work!

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Extremely clever to add the wallbump to the Quake physics. I super enjoyed this, I usually play games 'incorrectly' as it is more liberating to draw outside of the lines. Given no real 'lines' to draw in, it feels like this game was made just for me. Lots and lots of constant happy accidents in the layouts provided tons of opportunity to have to flex your skills with the mechanics in order to still be on a completable route. I registered here just because of this game!!