Rats World (for fotocopiadora)


Rats World. A little world where rats wander and play.... what secrets does it hide?

This is an exploration puzzle game with somewhat obtuse mechanics and lots of hidden passages. It is a Sekret Santa gift for fotocopiadora. I didn't make it entirely by myself; I had some help with the audio from my friend Hubol (hubolhubolhubol.com).

fotocopiadora's wishlist was:
- rats/scorpions/bugs
- plenty of menus (of the videogame sort not food menus)
- secrets
anything not in this list is probably ok as well though

Arrow Keys or WASD: Move
Enter or Space: Action

Graphics, Design, and Programming: Sylvie
Music and Sound: Hubol

You can listen to and purchase the Rats World Ost on Hubol's Bandcamp: hubol.bandcamp.com/album/rats-world-ost

If you get stuck, here are some general hints. Use ROT13 (rot13.com) to decode them.
- Gb svtug lbh jvyy arrq Urnyguf. Tnva vg ol rngvat guvatf bss gur tebhaq.
- Tnva Fgeratguf ol svtugvat engf naq fpbecvbaf. Fgeratguf yrg lbh chfu pregnva oybpxf.
- Tnva Jvfqbzf ol ernqvat obbxf. Jvfqbzf yrg lbh cnff fcrpvsvp bofgnpyrf.
- Tnva Punevfznf ol gnyxvat gb punenpgref. Fbzr punenpgref jvyy gryy lbh frpergf vs lbhe Punevfznf vf uvtu.
- Tnva Yhpxf ol svaqvat gernfherf. Lbh arire xabj jura vg jvyy uryc lbh.
- Jura lbh vapernfr Fgeratguf ol bar yriry, gel erivfvgvat byq nernf gb svaq arj oybpxf gb chfu.
- Jura lbh vapernfr Punevfznf ol bar yriry, gel gnyxvat gb punenpgref ntnva gb frr vs gurl gryy lbh arj vasb.
- Gurer ner frireny xvaqf bs frperg cnffntrf. Nf jryy nf snxr naq chfunoyr jnyyf, lbh pna svaq vaivfvoyr fgnvef!

sylvie & hubol
Made For: 
An event


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i love rats world <3 <3 <3 <3

i love rats world <3 <3 <3 <3

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Me too!

Me too!



fotocopiadora's picture

i still have some rat

i still have some rat secrets left to find... the rats world holds infinite intrigue's

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I made an account to say that I stumbled upon this and got a huge kick out of it! Nostalgic gameplay and clever, cute aesthetic.

Thank you! I'm glad you

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Completed this early today

Completed this early today and really liked it! Would love to see more games in this style.

Yay, thanks for playing!

Yay, thanks for playing!

My previous game Planet Grunch has a similar focus on finding secrets to progress, but it has difficult action elements and limited lives. Sparkly Rainbow Kitty Fluff Adventure is also a secret-heavy game but there are some tricky platforming sections. And they don't really have any RPG elements like stats to level up and characters to talk to, so they are pretty different games, but if you liked the exploration and secret-finding aspect specifically then you might like them.

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This was so cute.
zl snibevgr cneg jnf jura V gevrq gb gnyx gb gur fpbecvba orpnhfr V jnf gbb nsenvq gb svtug jvgu gurz naq sbhaq bhg gurl znxr pbairefngvba naq fhttrfgrq V ghffyr jvgu zl sevraqf. Vg jnf terng gung gurl qvqa'g fvtany zr bhg nf gurve rarzvrf!! V xrcg ehaavat vagb gur uvqqra znmr, cnavpxvat, naq ehaavat fgenvtug bhg. Vg vf fpnel orvat va gurer! V bayl sbhaq gung frperg orpnhfr gur fpbecvbaf xrrc zrffvat zr hc naq V qb abg frrz gb or tnvavat nalguvat ohg vafgrnq pbafgnagyl ybbfvat urnygu. Yvxr V ngr rirel ureo nebhaq naq bar fpbecvba zrffrq zr hc! V ernyyl ernyyl yvxrq ubj vg fnirq lbhe cebterff rirel gvzr V qvrq, gbb. Vg jnf sha gb pbzr onpx naq frr zl ybt fgvyy ba gur fperra
I will definitely come back and try this again.


Thanks for the nice comment! If you try again and get stuck, the ROT13 hints I included in the main post might help you figure out some of the mechanics.

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I got real frustrated, but I am very happy with the reward at the end

Glad you liked the ending!

Glad you liked the ending! Me and hubol are both really proud of it.

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I love this so much! I'm

I love this so much! I'm admittedly stuck for the time being - V'ir orra gb gur onfrzrag, sbhaq gur frperg ebbsgbc tneqra, naq ernq gur obbxf va gur jvgpu'f ebbz, ohg nz fgehttyvat gb svther bhg jung gb qb arkg.

Thanks! Qvq lbh svaq gur

Thanks! Qvq lbh svaq gur ragenapr gb gur ebbsgbc yvoenel, be bayl gur tneqra? Bapr lbh unir ernq rabhtu obbxf, lbh fubhyq or noyr gb cebterff shegure.