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Ratz For Dinner

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An anecdotal story about what might happen if you devour a Ratt, or what might happen regardless, bundled in a little rpg/walking/pilgrimage sim.

Play as a Ratt that was mistaken for a food, and slowly disease the consumers body by dismantling various vital organs.

- Disease Action
- 6 Viruses You CAN Contract (that do nothing)
- Make a person steadily less healthy over a short period of time.

Notify me if there are any troubles downloading or playing, i'll attempt to remedy them! (Windows only (presumably) but take a crack at it if ya want)

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Rats World (for fotocopiadora)


Rats World. A little world where rats wander and play.... what secrets does it hide?

This is an exploration puzzle game with somewhat obtuse mechanics and lots of hidden passages. It is a Sekret Santa gift for fotocopiadora. I didn't make it entirely by myself; I had some help with the audio from my friend Hubol (hubolhubolhubol.com).

fotocopiadora's wishlist was:
- rats/scorpions/bugs
- plenty of menus (of the videogame sort not food menus)
- secrets
anything not in this list is probably ok as well though

Arrow Keys or WASD: Move
Enter or Space: Action

Graphics, Design, and Programming: Sylvie
Music and Sound: Hubol

You can listen to and purchase the Rats World Ost on Hubol's Bandcamp: hubol.bandcamp.com/album/rats-world-ost

If you get stuck, here are some general hints. Use ROT13 (rot13.com) to decode them.
- Gb svtug lbh jvyy arrq Urnyguf. Tnva vg ol rngvat guvatf bss gur tebhaq.
- Tnva Fgeratguf ol svtugvat engf naq fpbecvbaf. Fgeratguf yrg lbh chfu pregnva oybpxf.
- Tnva Jvfqbzf ol ernqvat obbxf. Jvfqbzf yrg lbh cnff fcrpvsvp bofgnpyrf.
- Tnva Punevfznf ol gnyxvat gb punenpgref. Fbzr punenpgref jvyy gryy lbh frpergf vs lbhe Punevfznf vf uvtu.
- Tnva Yhpxf ol svaqvat gernfherf. Lbh arire xabj jura vg jvyy uryc lbh.
- Jura lbh vapernfr Fgeratguf ol bar yriry, gel erivfvgvat byq nernf gb svaq arj oybpxf gb chfu.
- Jura lbh vapernfr Punevfznf ol bar yriry, gel gnyxvat gb punenpgref ntnva gb frr vs gurl gryy lbh arj vasb.
- Gurer ner frireny xvaqf bs frperg cnffntrf. Nf jryy nf snxr naq chfunoyr jnyyf, lbh pna svaq vaivfvoyr fgnvef!

sylvie & hubol
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Water and Rat Dream


A dream with water and rats, no reset key, too many polygons.

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