Ratz For Dinner

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An anecdotal story about what might happen if you devour a Ratt, or what might happen regardless, bundled in a little rpg/walking/pilgrimage sim.

Play as a Ratt that was mistaken for a food, and slowly disease the consumers body by dismantling various vital organs.

- Disease Action
- 6 Viruses You CAN Contract (that do nothing)
- Make a person steadily less healthy over a short period of time.

Notify me if there are any troubles downloading or playing, i'll attempt to remedy them! (Windows only (presumably) but take a crack at it if ya want)

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An Incredible Voyage

Played this timely tale all the way through to the end, and found one of the six supergerms.

You have a lot of excellent elements combined in this one. The visuals make me think of what would happen if "Chiller" and "Abadox" had a baby, and then it was mixed together like Dr. Frankenfurter at the fuse box at the close of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The soundscape overlaying the graphical world creates that inner world of the human body which is simultaneously cartoonish, familiar, and repulsive. If I was floating round in there, that's what it would sound like. I'm convinced.

I recently saw the original "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" at the cinema (before all were closed due to this lovely pandemic), and always enjoyed the boat scene, where all the wierd-ass centipede-crawling-on-the-face imagery and psychedelia was going on. This game had a more restrained feel than that, since there was no Willy Wonka at the helm, just me. "But oh, the places I did go," as they say.

Also reminded me of one of the Binky games I thoroughly enjoyed (though I think yours evoked a much more visceral reaction in me). This one is definitely worth a look:

Oh, and PS: Zl crpxre ghearq oynpx naq sryy bss.

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Thank you! I'm glad the

Thank you! I'm glad the world I made was so compelling to you. THIS IS WHAT WE ALL LOOK LIKE ON THE INSIDE!!! I'm definitely most proud of how well the score worked with the environment.

Also, I tried out the Binky game (I believe the second one I have played thus far?) and it was very good! Got 44 VIROIDS before my breakfast was ready and I had to split. I can see the similarityz.

Also also, I couldn't decrypt the cipher at the bottom of your comment, but you don't have to reveal the answer. I enjoy mystery as a general thing.