Water and Rat Dream

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A dream with water and rats, no reset key, too many polygons.

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An event



I think I missed the water and the rats but I like these giant soft pink superstructures floating around like clouds, I think this would deserve some background sounds or music

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I think music is a bit too

I think music is a bit too strong or influential in games and films, so I mostly avoid using (for lack of having the time to consider it properly), but I really should start thinking about sound effects.

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??? There was a reset key,

??? There was a reset key, and the polygon count was fine.

Wish I knew how I could ride that half-constructed blimp thing.

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Gosh, I must be so used to churning out Unity things that I copy over reset.js without even thinking.

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Are you referring to the web version? I'm referring to the desktop version. (I can't run Unity web content)

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Oh, I'm referring to the

Oh, I'm referring to the process of making things in Unity. I have a 'reset.js' saved that I've been plonking in my games (by attaching to the player).