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bug game

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A feed-em-up about life in an ant colony and bad homes. View the source code for cool ant facts!

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Look Through Telescopes In The Desert


in the game you look through telescopes in a "desert" environment

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Be An Ant And Eat Six Scrumptious Pastries


in the game you are an ant, capable of devouring six nearby pastries...

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Bug World Version 2


eating dirt

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the fox and the moon


become one with nature

made using the Bitsy game engine

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Hello my lovely human friends <3

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A few months ago, a friend of mine checked out a room at the campus pub for our group of friends to do 3-5 minute presentations on anything. I decided to do mine on my journey of making games as well as accessibility in making games. I used this Bitsy game as the first "slide" to say hello and introduce myself, even though everybody knew me. The screenshot image shows the "slides" I used for the presentation.

The reason I'm posting this here is because:

a) It's my first Bitsy game, and I want to archive it somewhere
b) I like proliferating accessible tools, and hope someone might become interested in creating things with it
c) I enjoy using alternative means of doing something, like using this Bitsy game as a "slide" in a presentation. Having this on my profile is a reminder to do that!


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