The Maze Of


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I forgot to jpeg all the graphics, whoever downloads it soon gets a special collectors edition non-jpeged version of the game. >:-D

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The gameplay loop is kind of

The gameplay loop is kind of interesting. I like the sprites, they make really good use of the tiny window. The sound effects were interesting as well.

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Hi. good game. good stuff. I

Hi. good game. good stuff. I did fanart. maybe ill do fanart of trainwrecks... weve already got enough ppl doing harry potter fanart but no one doing Maze Of fanart...?

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awwww, I love that the gradient is in there!! thanks for the fan art, I often think no one plays or likes my games, so this means a lot! :-)

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makes me

makes me want to do fan art of games I appreciate!

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"I often think no one plays

"I often think no one plays or likes my games"

Which makes me realise I should be a bit more regular in giving feedback. I do play your games and I do like them. They include some of the most interesting experiences in games I've had in recent years. They are often thought provoking, sometimes challenging and uncompromising in a invigorating way and ... wait for it ... even fun! You have your own folder on my hard drive and I'm always glad to see a new game.

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Oh yeah, I should also say

Oh yeah, I should also say that I played this, but couldn't find one or two of the secrets that apparently lurk within. I played the original cactus killer game from 2014, too!

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lol I wish I hadn't said that! Thanks for replying anyways, that means a lot :-)
I don't always comment either because sometimes I'm like, "I haven't commented in a while and I feel like I should have commented on a bunch of other stuff first" haha

lol You remember playing that?! 8-)

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It's one of the five games I

It's one of the five games I included in this GIF, which might be why I remember it particularly well. I think it was also a standout idea from the event though, which might be why you chose to revisit it!

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Everytime they say "I can

Everytime they say "I can hide behind this" I'm thinking "That's probably what the Cactus Killer thinks too!"

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there's a lot going on here

there's a lot going on here while simultaneously the game gives so little at once, like being teased with breadcrumbs. I like how it's a sorta sequel to like, 6 other games?! I gotta play all of them, to really understand, maybe!

I want to experiment using tiny window games more often, it creates interesting effects!