Brother's Sister's

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Hey, if you like setting people up for dates, you might like this game!

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Cats and match-making are

Cats and match-making are two of my favorite things. I look forward to playing this when I get home.

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Update me when you have!

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Yup. I guess I'm typical. I

Yup. I guess I'm typical. I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was seeing the titles of the boys whenever I went past with the white cat. There was something entertaining about hearing a description of the purrfect match for her sister and then seeing that the type has a title. I giggled a few times. I hope they are all spaded and neutered because there's love in the air.

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I like the format of these games that you have been making.

Moving off the screen and having your control seamlessly jump to the new character coming in off of the other side of the screen is great. It takes three actions (having one character leave, having another character enter, and having player-control shift to that new character) and pushes them together without being disorienting and without having the player give up control.

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i know this is old, but this

i know this is old, but this is one of my favorite games on this site, just wanted to let u know

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Thank you! Thank you!!

I'm glad you like it! I need a boost of confidence. :-)