All Purpose Food Cooker

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Hey, missed you all, haven't been on here for about a week.

When I was away I unintentionally made a Thanksgiving game.


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An event


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I enjoyed pretty much everything about this game. I was having some trouble playing at first, but luckily there was a text file included that cleared things up for me.


I laughed out loud when I realized what the main course was. I also love that you find out the assistant's name only by cooking him. Having the ice cream cone appear under your guy was a great touch. It's great that everyone is helpful and friendly even though weird and messed up things are happening.

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I'm glad that text file

I'm glad that text file helped you out! Thanks for playing!

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Cooking a meal for King

Cooking a meal for King Dedede was a very rewarding experience even though I had to make some morally challenging decisions

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What a twist! Everything

What a twist! Everything about this is charming (and slightly sinister) right down to the help file.

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Enjoyed quite a bit. Laughed

Enjoyed quite a bit. Laughed out loud in the end.