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Mr. Gun


You Cn Press a space Bar to praly the game by r;egleka;f ajs just read what its says in the game

Mr. Gun
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gun knife sword wife

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rated M for real being real edgy

the grim reaper himself
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White Guys on Strobe


The story of a man who just can't get close to anybody

MUSIC BY: Viacom Duckman!

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The cat
who asylumed
the mouse
company has
the power of
the mouses,
but only
one mouse
survivor is
the only one
mouse named
Destroy him
and bring the
mouse company

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A little bit of Pac-man, Dig Dug, Zelda, and Pet Cemetery.

Undo what you've done before time runs out.

Use arrow keys to move. Point and hold to reverse what you've done. Hit enter to pause. Hit F12 to toggle music off/on.

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Squalid Space Squash



(playing it online would be the best option)


You are an experimental MOTIVATING SPACE GUN, developed by the FBI (French Butter Investigators) to give space soldiers more enthusiasm in fighting off the horrid GREEN GATTLEBLAST BUGS that are slowly infesting every corner of the galaxy. With your give and take rewards, you were supposed to give J. CITIZEN support in fighting off dummy BUGS, but unfortunately they found out about you and started invading the compound - now you and J. CITIZEN will have to fend them off lest the only existing prototype for the MOTIVATING SPACE GUN is destroyed!


Use the SDWA or ARROW KEYS to move around. J. CITIZEN is so scared of the GREEN GATTLEBLAST BUGS that he will not be able to do more than hang on to you
LEFT CLICK the MOUSE to tell J. to fire a bullet out of you. How many bullets you can fire at any given moment depend on how well J. has been fighting against BUGS.


SCORE is, well, your score. Every new power of 10 reached sets the bullet count back to 1 - double that score for 2 bullets, triple it for 3, and so on. This system is meant to reward combatants for great achievement, and subsequently give them more challenge when they perform well.
HEALTH is how many more hits J. CITIZEN can take before expiring, leaving you helpless against the damn BUGS! Every 1000 points gained gives J. more confidence, allowing him to take another hit.
BULLETS tells you straightfowardly how many shots can be made at once.
MONSTER HUNGER is a rating of how ravenous the BUGS have gotten - as it increases, so does the speed of BUGS, how well they can track you, and how many points killing one is worth.
MONSTERS ALIVE is a convenient counter of what you are currently up against.


1-80: You couldn't even kill a single GREEN GATTLEBLAST BUG? Either the MOTIVATING SPACE GUN is a failure, or YOU are!
81-1000: OK job - if you're a monkey
1001-5000: Good work, J. must be really feeling the flow!
5001-10000: You made it as far as many would be expected too
10001+: Congratulations!
20000+: Wow, that was quite a stretch!
30000+: You must be cheating...

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What's the job?


What's the job?
- MiniLD 32 Entry by NeiloGD!

7 mini games, and a global high score to beat!
Controls are WASD/Arrow keys, space bar, and mouse. They vary game to game.

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You are a gun. The balls give you money. You have to shoot the bricks. You have to PAY FOR YER BULLETS

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Gun Fighter

Sin título-1.png

Glorious gun duel!

For two players, too.

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