New Jersey Transit

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here is a game about trains
inspired by these other train games
games in this train simulation meme

i started working on it some time in october after jake's came out but it has been inspired by all of these

also sorta inspired by airplane mode

this is a game you are supposed to enact for others. like, i would show this to people and play the instruments and tell a story, i mean, you can do whatever you want with this i'm not going to stop you or i could stop you i could swat you but, that's not my style, my style is different than that style okay okay, thank you for playing the game or at least reading this okay thanks sincerely, the train

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This really is fantastic.

This really is fantastic. Before I say more I will say for others reading this:


You might want to play it for yourself before you read more.

I am fascinated by the idea of the game as performance. This could be a whole new genre! A suggestion: how about making a let's play video with you doing such a performance? There is just so much to see in this game. The first time I played I didn't even notice the option to sit down; I thought the game was great but now that I've discovered the musical toybox it's taken it to a new level. There are so many things that work well: the getting dressed at the beginning; that there are so many things to interact with on the platform that change as you change the clock; the other musical toy after ending 3/3; the blissed out train driver; the eyes following the cursor; the layout of the carriages (the orientation of the passengers works so well); the sound throughout. It's a game that encourages exploring different interactions in a really fun way. I'll have to keep trying but I cannot find ending 1/3.

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RE: This really is fantastic.

it's kind of hyper-interactive while at the same time not systemic at all -- which for the record, i think is really cool. so tired of big games trying to create meaning through meaningless networks of rules. in this one interaction is less treated as a ludic neoliberal platitude (choices affect the game world holistically) and more as what you say, a performance that's only relevant to ppl outside of the game world (player and potentially ppl watching the gameplay on youtube as you suggest).

as for how to get all the endings, idk if there are hidden ones, but i got all three so here are some hints:

-when you get on the train, go to the left
-when you get on the train, go to the bathroom
-when you get on the train, wait until it arrives to the station

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Aha - the bathroom. I had

Aha - the bathroom. I had tried clicking on the door but not on the sign. I think it being "kind of hyper-interactive while at the same time not systemic at all" might relate to some of the earlier train games here on GT.


an eerily accurate simulation of lief on NJ Transit

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Are you from NJ or NY? Do I know you irl? Thank you for playing!

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Not sure about OP but I'm

Not sure about OP but I'm from NJ and I agree that the game is a surreal replication of the NJ transit experience

i stopped playing just to

i stopped playing just to savour the experience. i couldn't handle how exciting the first few scenes were. will play more soon

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I am glad! Tell me what you think if you finish it :o)

just finished it

This is so entertaining. The sound effects and animation, the clicking to progress, it's all done very well. it's amazing how 'trashy' games like this can be really much more entertaining than stuff that appears to be taken much more seriously.

honestly i think there's a lot to learn from games like this about game design, or any kind of creativity really. at least, i got a lot out of it. the game has a lot of energy in it, and it reminds me a bit of kidpix. reminds me to have fun making stuff. it can be so easy to forget to enjoy yourself when tackling the technical side of projects etc. so games like this are important reminders, because there's a lot of quality stuff here, even though it appears to be rushed and a bit of a joke. the drawings are good too, i love the characters that walk by at the start. 5/5 amzing game good grapfix

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beautiful game here. it reminds me of the manhole in that it seems somewhat an aimless adventure game ... but there are endings. It's a beautiful multimedia spectacle. The music maker could be its own little standalone game I think.

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i loved it, one of my fave

i loved it, one of my fave games i've played ina long time. i got my d bit off. will come back and anotha ending.
really beautiful. loved all the detail and drawings. really really really nice.
bookmork'ing it fer shure.

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Still so freakin cool yo