Super Vadimka VI: A Terrible Threat there is No Vadimka


Super Vadimka VI: A Terrible Threat there is No Vadimka - an action platformer made by one developer VadimBallzGame, the game was released on January 5, 2023 on the Windows platform and was also developed for 4 months and contains only 100 impossible levels and the boss have become more complicated the main character Vadimka has to go through dangerous adventures to stop the main villain Dr. Kulik at any cost to save the world.

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If you have the time, please read "onMasterSlaveAndGodotDevelopers" in txt or pdf formats

The twenty fourth in the award winning BINKY series!

Welcome viewers to the stream I am BINKY I am playing GROTTO of the GREBULONS. Enjoy! Remember to like and subscribe!


SPACE - Use psychic suggestion to make BINKY fire a crystal

Letters A through Z - Chat

Esc - Quit

Alt+Enter - Full Screen Toggle

We At BINKY STUDIOS have worked hard to make this game full screen~


BINKY voices by nikki !

FreeMono designed by Primož Peterlin, Steve White

VT323 designed by Peter Hull

UnifrakturMaguntia designed by j. 'mach' wust

Slime Animation from Chex's Quest

Ruby from Klik&Play

Textures from Microsoft, Yume Nikki, Pokemon Red, Others

Writing by Mariken, noum, PizzaLOrd39, possibly others

Sound Effects from Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, King's Field, Hanna-Barbera, LEGO Star Wars, and Klik & Play


Screaming Jazz Skull by fotocopiadora

Blast Furnace from Eggs of Steel transcribed by Hazvex

Heated Battle by Green Jelly transcribed by King Meteor

Over Horizon Boss (?)

Special Thanks:

TheCatamites for making Draculas Castle and for telling me what song was in the game.

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A tribute to Bulfú's game, which I can't find anywhere online. The beginning of the game (inside the house and conversation that takes place just outside of the house) was an attempt at recreating Bulfú's game from memory, and then the rest of the game was improvised.

Controls: Arrow keys


donathan wimlock
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The No Pressure Game


The No Pressure Game

NOTE: please turn your volume down before starting the game, as the amount of audio playing simultaneously could be overwhelming.

I made this minimalist management sim in a couple hours because I wanted to have a simple project I could finish within a day. it's an abstract representation of managing my internal and external states. it is in design silly, but in influence somewhat serious.

you can affect the bars with the mouse, by hovering over one of the five sprites in the lower half of the screen. or, alternatively, not hovering over any of them.

there is no ending, nor any goals to reach, despite what the text on screen might suggest. the purpose is to experiment with how different factors interact, and to hear the associated pieces of audio swaying in and out of focus.

made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 by nikki
all graphics from Clickteam's Klipart libraries
font is from the Text Blitter extension by Christopher Lightfoot

audio sources:

Autechre - Hub
Autechre & The Hafler Trio - ha3oe
Aphex Twin - Tassels
Legowelt's Junoy 106 and Roland JD800kit sample packs
The Electronic Music Manuscript by Richard Devine
Vintage Sound Effects by Craig Smith on
Cryostasis, Half-life 2, Silent Hill 2, Halo 3, Paper Mario

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The Killweed Report: For Chrissy


Merry Klikmas Chrissy!!

This was designed as a pen and paper game, but for shareability it's in browser game form. You get to drag the cards around and interpret the rules, just like in a real game, neat! I was trying to go for a kind of procedural narrative kind of thing, where the way you play changes how the story goes. It's set on an island nation that's embroiled in a clandestine power struggle between factions. It's set in the Full Speed Kiss universe, but the connections are pretty loose. Sorry it's so late. I hope you are staying healthy and sane.

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Last Game of the Year 2020 (Last GOTY 2020)


they said it couldn't be done...... But it was! despite trying to talk myself out of it, I did it!

First Game:
Second Game:

A hidden object game. It's scaled down from the previous one, but there's still plenty here

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This is a short game I made on 30.04.2019, but didn't upload it because I felt it was stupid. Well, it is, but who cares?
I'm fairly sure I was in a bad mood while making it.
I'm not sure if the trash eater was supposed to be me.
I kind of am a trash eater though.

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Land Speculation (for Personman)


(game tested under WINE- works fine there)
a new gaming sensation- made for Personman in the secret santa spring gamer jam
pilot your land ship fast and smoothly throughout the terrain. upgrade your ship's speed, or downgrade it if you please. many other small decisions to be made on your journey. what options should you enable? what area will you go to? what blocks will you collect? what will you build in warp>home? what color will you paint your ship? how will you avoid the giant worm digging right towards you? make all of these decisions and more, in Land Speculation, a game that contains no guns
if you need instructions on how to get through the game, check out the enclosed instruction book (readme.txt)
i stole the sound effects from online and various video game, so check out audio_sources.txt to see where i took them
titlescreen music and everything else made by me

ho ho ho!

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Sonic's Youth: Game Design Document

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 3.50.51 PM.png

Game design document for a Sonic game I'd like to make.

It's a GOOGLE DOC that you can read here. It's a work in progress, I will add to it every so often (drawings, writing, maybe some audio stuff). This is not a joke like 'Sonic Dreams Collection'. "People that like Sonic are weird." Fuck you well to do popular award winning 'cool' LA assholes.

It sucks thinking about these snobby "indy elites" making fun of the thing that makes some people happy.

Why is this a train wreck or why is this on this website?
I figure if I try to make something super sincere like this it will accidentally be transcendentally bad.
Like, it's kind of uncool to be a fan of something? I guess it depends on how you look at it?
I guess some questions I will be asking myself while adding to this is, like, how reverent am I to Sonic as a "franchise".
I like Sonic, I liked him as a kid quite a bit.

Someone on the IRC for this website years ago said Sega would never hire me to direct a Sonic game. I guess, in this person's eyes, this game design document and the theoretical game is a trainwreck in terms of futility, like this is never going to happen.

I once was working at a smoothie place and my first or second day there, this guy was telling me about his Simpsons spec-script and how much he was working on it. Him telling me about this made me feel tremendously sad at the time being stuck working for very little money serving very rich people overpriced smoothies. Like, I would hope that this guy made it, I have a more positive look at these things these days. At least he wrote it, he did a bunch of comedy stuff in the city, he was trying and that's what you have to do, you can't just sit around and mope about, he was taking some sort of action even if this action to others felt futile.

So, whatever, I'm going to do this anyways.
I'll run head first into a wall hundreds of times to see if I can run through it.

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New Jersey Transit


here is a game about trains
inspired by these other train games
games in this train simulation meme

i started working on it some time in october after jake's came out but it has been inspired by all of these

also sorta inspired by airplane mode

this is a game you are supposed to enact for others. like, i would show this to people and play the instruments and tell a story, i mean, you can do whatever you want with this i'm not going to stop you or i could stop you i could swat you but, that's not my style, my style is different than that style okay okay, thank you for playing the game or at least reading this okay thanks sincerely, the train

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