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If you have the time, please read "onMasterSlaveAndGodotDevelopers" in txt or pdf formats

The twenty fourth in the award winning BINKY series!

Welcome viewers to the stream I am BINKY I am playing GROTTO of the GREBULONS. Enjoy! Remember to like and subscribe!


SPACE - Use psychic suggestion to make BINKY fire a crystal

Letters A through Z - Chat

Esc - Quit

Alt+Enter - Full Screen Toggle

We At BINKY STUDIOS have worked hard to make this game full screen~


BINKY voices by nikki !

FreeMono designed by Primož Peterlin, Steve White

VT323 designed by Peter Hull

UnifrakturMaguntia designed by j. 'mach' wust

Slime Animation from Chex's Quest

Ruby from Klik&Play

Textures from Microsoft, Yume Nikki, Pokemon Red, Others

Writing by Mariken, noum, PizzaLOrd39, possibly others

Sound Effects from Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, King's Field, Hanna-Barbera, LEGO Star Wars, and Klik & Play


Screaming Jazz Skull by fotocopiadora

Blast Furnace from Eggs of Steel transcribed by Hazvex

Heated Battle by Green Jelly transcribed by King Meteor

Over Horizon Boss (?)

Special Thanks:

TheCatamites for making Draculas Castle and for telling me what song was in the game.

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I love the enemy designs. I

I love the enemy designs. I like how the screen is laid out too, it is just a pretty layout

I also wondered how it chooses what I say when I type, I thought it corresponded to keys at first, but it might be random.

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thank you for enjoying the

thank you for enjoying the design
uh how it works is it takes the keycode of the input i'm unsure what encoding godot uses maybe ascii ? I was looking the keycodes in debug. so anyway it takes the keycode and modulo it by the number of entries in the player dialogue array [26 to be precise] and returns the (keycode % modulo) of the dialogue array so it can speak that line.