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Dracula's Condemned Castle


Dracula's Condemned Castle

Dracula's Castle will be destroyed in the next two minutes by the Translyvanian government if Dracula doesn't get enough MONIES!!!

Dracula has to collect BLOOD to become Batula... this form is faster and invincible... and plus it looks cool.

Yes this is a secret sequel of sorts to Dracula: New Order
Please don't comment on my voice...

W - Start Game (Please Read Comic First)
AD, Arrow Keys - Move Left and Right
Space - Turn Invisible

Collect 3 Blood Bags to turn into BATULA

Music - Alexander Scriabin - Mazurka Op. 40, No. 2
Various KNP sound effects
"Blood!" sound effect from Delta State TV show
Yellow Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3
Steamroller from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Spectral Bat head by Ernst Haeckel
Moon from Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès
Various KNP Art

Noum for accidentally reminding me to use Mario
Bram Stoker
Bela Lugosi

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running instructions: extract zip and then run draculoid.exe
if you've got one of those not-windows, install python and run main.py
edit options.ini for graphics purposes
highscores are stored in savegame.pickle
esc to close

babycastles friends: please take care to follow instructions on bcepistolary.pdf
the rest is up to you

the first comment below will probably be someone telling me it doesn't work
I'll fix whatever problems there are in the morning.
(you don't have to tell me the date on the pdf is wrong)

update: if the other download doesn't work, there's a file attached below that should work good. In that one, just run the exe.
Also, the full screen doesn't really work too good. I'll patch it if there's interest, but y'know.

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You Have To Put The Stake In The Dracula


A spooooky Halloween game! Also included: You Have To Put The Steak In The Dracula.

Title inspired by Healy, music stolen from Castlevania, other things stolen from other places.

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An event
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El Loco Dumas and the Maze Of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

El Loco Dumas and the screenshot of DOOOOOM.PNG

You are El Loco Dumas,A.K.A. The Yellow Runner.
You are looking for gold,and happen to stumble across a cavern with some in it.
Unfortunately,DRACULA is guarding the cave,and the cave also moves and has walls of DEATH.

Can you stand up to the challenge?

Arrow Keys:Move.
and that's it.


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An event

Draculas Castle


??? ? ?? ?? ?????? ??? ? ???? ?!?! ? DRACULA ?????? ?? ? ???!?? !! ?!

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Sonic Boom


sonicboom by markp0rter for http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com

help save halloween and kill dracula in this action packed action pack featuring sonic the hedgehog. forget sonic 4 - play sonicboom!


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