River of Jag

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This game was released at almost the same time as River of Jig, and I consider them complimentary pieces to one another. To me, Jag seems like the "proof of concept" prototype of Jig, although it has some interesting content of its own. It seems very close to the "slice of Life" concept, because of its parallels to content here at Glorious Trainwrecks at the moment.

Someone has posted a game event along with a link to a Kool A.D. video on YouTube. Meanwhile, in Jag: half-assed rhymes in couplet form are listed almost like a sonnet, touching mostly on topics of food to eat. Right now on GT, you'll see a reposting of sergiocornaga's You Have to Put the Stake in the Dracula, while in this game the player moves a Dracula-labeled avatar across the screen. Finally, Proof 1-3, a prototype-like game itself, was posted here on GT and it too has a strong presence of red and blue, and attention to the two colours is integral to understanding the game's purpose, or at least dominating mechanics.

These three submissions to GT seem to have echoes in River of Jag and I appreciate that interpretation of the Slice of Life event.

I also have fond memories of eating "ants on a log" as a kid: stalks of celery dressed with peanut butter, and dotted with raisins. :)

Thanks for making a pair of games for this event, everythingstaken! :D

PS: posted on my 40th birthday.