Slice of Life 2017

Fri, Jan 20 2017 08:42 AM
01/20/2017 - 10:42
02/19/2017 - 23:59

Where are you right now?

Make a game that answers that question. The game will communicate a specific place and time. That time is 2017.

It can be autobiographical, completely fictional, or some magical combination of the two. It can be where you are, it can be a different part of the world. It can be the entire world. It can be all people. It can be one thing. Your interpretation can be completely flexible, but keep the question in mind as you create the game.

Submit your game whenever. This event will be closed on 19th February: the day after my birthday. :D I will play all submitted games, and if I can figure out a way to do videos of them, I'll do some quick video reviews for each submission. In any case, I will be sure to add a review as a comment to your game once you post it here at GT.

Below are pictures that showed up in an image search when I typed in the question: "how's it goin?"

Games made for Slice of Life 2017



There's like a week left for this folks!

If something's on your mind, now is the time to make a game for it. :)

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Maybe I'll make something

Maybe I'll make something for this, but first i'll have to start paying attention to and thinking about my life and actions which seems like a pretty tall order. (seriously though, I'll make this a priority)

Alas, I started a couple of

Alas, I started a couple of things, but they want to be bigger than I have time for. Also I have this nagging strident certainty that my Make Something Horrible 2016 entry will be the most accurate articulation of the local 'now' for the next several years. Maybe I'll just make a completely derivative sequel, to the extent of reusing all of the levels and just adding more bad noises. Will see.

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I'm working on something,

I'm working on something, but I'm starting to doubt that I will finish it by the deadline. It's going well and I don't want to miss out on including some stuff. I have a good chunk of it done though. This prompt hit me at a good moment.

Happy birthday!

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Whether or not you finish your project, my birthday was made when I saw that GIF. Oh, man...I was flat-out giggling. :)

Seriously though, if you finish it, please post it and I will gladly do a brief review of it as a comment. Excelsior!

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For this event, I looked

For this event, I looked into updating flickmabel but ultimately decided against it. Then I noticed that it linked to favicon that didn't exist, so I made a favicon for it. Now I'm attaching it to this comment, which should fix the broken link without me actually having to modify the game. This is my humble, barely applicable contribution to Slice of Life 2017. Happy post-birthday!

favicon.png200 bytes

Much Appreciated

That game is adorable. I still have yet to see an episode of that show she's in, but your blog/fan project for that character is a fitting monument and good enough to sate my curiosity about it. Flickmabel has so many cute surprises in it.

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Whoops, it turns out the

Whoops, it turns out the icon I uploaded actually shows up on pretty much every flickgame uploaded directly to GT! ... And now that the comment where I originally uploaded the icon has been replied to, it can't be edited, and thus my mistake can never be rectified. Oh well, I'm OK with this, hopefully everyone else who has a flickgame on here that's been a-flick-ted (heh) can live with it too!