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Gravebuddy Lars


Happy Halloween!
Help gravebuddy lars survive and make your way through the midnight!!!

For more grave ppl, go to:

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You Have To Put The Stake In The Dracula


A spooooky Halloween game! Also included: You Have To Put The Steak In The Dracula.

Title inspired by Healy, music stolen from Castlevania, other things stolen from other places.

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Dark Driving


driving, forever, with bats.

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Grand Vampire Chase


Inspired by a duel between Jonathan Whiting and Michael Brough. I decided to horn in because of comedy. Click on vampires to smash them. Successfully smash the grand vampire, and you win! Sort of.

Made in a couple of hours as a hack of Kart Bomber.

Darien Sumner
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This is a less ambitious remake of OmniLudiCon. Guide Suzy the Ninja to all of the fruit and gold in levels of your creation! Make an entire platform game in just one second with this innovative editor which contains only one game element, thus saving you the necessity of working out a level design for yourself.

Six sample levels included!


Left, right - Stride.
Z - Jump.
Up - Climb walls.
Z + left/right - Wall-jump.

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