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Vampire Having


this is the vampire having, turning
you turn the vampires
you controll al of the vampir
it's short
it's a
thank you for playing
thanks again, i appreciat tte it

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Dracula's Condemned Castle


Dracula's Condemned Castle

Dracula's Castle will be destroyed in the next two minutes by the Translyvanian government if Dracula doesn't get enough MONIES!!!

Dracula has to collect BLOOD to become Batula... this form is faster and invincible... and plus it looks cool.

Yes this is a secret sequel of sorts to Dracula: New Order
Please don't comment on my voice...

W - Start Game (Please Read Comic First)
AD, Arrow Keys - Move Left and Right
Space - Turn Invisible

Collect 3 Blood Bags to turn into BATULA

Music - Alexander Scriabin - Mazurka Op. 40, No. 2
Various KNP sound effects
"Blood!" sound effect from Delta State TV show
Yellow Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3
Steamroller from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Spectral Bat head by Ernst Haeckel
Moon from Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès
Various KNP Art

Noum for accidentally reminding me to use Mario
Bram Stoker
Bela Lugosi

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Halloween Bounce House


You may want to lower your volume before playing this game, as many sound effects will play simultaneously. Move your ghost around with the left and right arrow keys, avoiding the reproducing vampires until there are enough of them to cause a massive chain reaction of bounciness and chaos. Can you max out the score?

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Fantasy RPS


Rock, Paper, Scissors with a fantasy theme.

Kiki Snell
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Candy from a Baby


A game of high-stakes red light, green light.

Arrows keys.

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Borrowing ideas from Terry's game Sine Wave Ninja, only with mouse controls now.

I don't tend to be very good at video games, but for me 250 is better than most attempts, 450 is woo yays, and 555 is my personal best so far.

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