Dracula's Condemned Castle

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Dracula's Condemned Castle

Dracula's Castle will be destroyed in the next two minutes by the Translyvanian government if Dracula doesn't get enough MONIES!!!

Dracula has to collect BLOOD to become Batula... this form is faster and invincible... and plus it looks cool.

Yes this is a secret sequel of sorts to Dracula: New Order
Please don't comment on my voice...

W - Start Game (Please Read Comic First)
AD, Arrow Keys - Move Left and Right
Space - Turn Invisible

Collect 3 Blood Bags to turn into BATULA

Music - Alexander Scriabin - Mazurka Op. 40, No. 2
Various KNP sound effects
"Blood!" sound effect from Delta State TV show
Yellow Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3
Steamroller from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Spectral Bat head by Ernst Haeckel
Moon from Le Voyage dans la Lune by Georges Méliès
Various KNP Art

Noum for accidentally reminding me to use Mario
Bram Stoker
Bela Lugosi

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Great music choice, great

Great music choice, great sprite choices. Love the anti-government vibe and the high stakes. The bulldozer ominously inching closer really brings it all together

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anti government... or anti

anti government... or anti MARIO??? What is the difference... there's a reason he was called the jump"Man"...

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i became a batula and

i became a batula and collected lots of gems and gold bars... take that yellow mario

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eff (f word) every mario in

eff (f word) every mario in every kinda clothing!!! i dont like mario sometimes...

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this is such a good modern

this is such a good modern trainwreck! the music makes everything feel very classy, it's a wonderful touch. I think my favourite klipart is your choice for the moon. it's kind of subtle considering how busy the game can get, it's just *there*, but it's so funny as a source! also, I love the huge rush of money and enemies when the timer is just about to run out. it creates an exhilarating pace in a productive way, as opposed to how I've always seem timer run-outs done, which is making loud, disruptive beeping noises.

I have some feedback on the gameplay, although I realize that for a shovelware-style game it might miss the mark. anyhow:
1) I found going invisible to be useless to do, because it seems to take just as long - if not longer - to return to normal. in addition, you can restart the invisible timer by pressing space again early, which makes it even worse!
2) becoming batula is not as much of an upgrade as it would seem, because of the high velocity of the gold brick. because batula is higher up on the screen, which does make aesthetic sense for representing the player being above the ground, you end up having *less* time to react to a gold brick appearing!
3) there seems to be a slight inaccuracy regarding being able to pick up money. my assumption on the code is this: when a money object collides with the player sprite, it checks if the player is stunned/invisible or not. however, if the stun/invisibility wears off while the player is still overlapping the money object, you don't get to pick it up! I hope that makes sense, as it can be a little annoying.

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1: I guess going invisible

1: I guess going invisible is kinda a vestigial or situational type thing and I used one timer for invisible and getting hit so hmmm...
2: I realized this but I think it's kind of a trade off. you are faster and have a bigger hitbox but you need to react faster!
3: sorry that it is annoying but actually i just turn off the hitbox when you are hit... and unfortunately the hitbox only extends to like dracula's torso... augh.

Oh and I hope there isn't a speed issue in the game like I may have seen in Binky 9...

In spite of this I hope you got both endings... maybe I will make Dracula gaiden with these issues in mind.

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1) I didn't even realize

1) I didn't even realize there was a timer overlap possible, I just meant in terms of the wait on the invisibility to wear off.
2) that's totally fair to me honestly!
3) it's not *too* annoying, it just seemed like it was probably unintentional. hitboxes are finicky!

I didn't notice any issues with speed. And yes, I got both endings :)