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gost but with flamethrower


flamethrower a bunch of crates in this new innovative puzzle game inspired by stephen's sausage roll (unconsciously) (and without the good bits)

gost of wibi
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An event
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Ghost The Party


I've been wandering around aimlessly lately... it led to this idea, "ghost the party"

Sprites courtesy of everythingstaken:

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An event
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February 2003


This is a game we've been working on for 5 years.

Link to the original event

To use the UPDATE, just add your save from your game to the new game folder.


  1. mysterious men don't reappear
  2. Meta Zita quest fixed
  3. chicken roof fixed
  4. a few new secrets
  5. fixed horse bug
  6. different worlds game
  7. added cutscene

ihavefivehat, everythingstaken, FirecatFG, gus, sergiocornaga, Capt_hastings-Chrissy, clyde
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An event
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Anchor-like need


Hold down left or right arrow to orient your self in the spooky daze of being in spooky limbo. Release the arrow when you have a hunch that you are headed towards the Great Majority.

Mac build is an html file. Firefox can open it.


Song: 'Toward the Continuum' microtonal composition by Dolores Catherino

Ghost gif




burgerking litter

paperCrinkle sounds

wind:Wind Sounds 1 Hour / Wind Blowing Through Autumn Forest by Relaxing Sounds Of Nature

Made with ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 GIMP and Audacity


Stop HTML scrolling code in the java script file:
window.addEventListener("keydown", function(e) {
// space and arrow keys
if([32, 37, 38, 39, 40].indexOf(e.keyCode) > -1) {
}, false);

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An event
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Ghost and Cash


a badly made game...
ghost does not have cash.
but, blue big ghost stoles cash.
ghost need's get cash back.

avoid blue big ghosts, get cash.

This game created with Old GameMaker.

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An event

Ghost House (11/21/2009)


This is an old game that predates the current GT submission system. I am reuploading it so that all my GT games will show up on this page:*/sylvie

Ghost House is a cute puzzle game inspired by the ghost house stages in Super Mario World.

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An event

Which Witch Is Which? (11/01/2009)


This is an old game that predates the current GT submission system. I am reuploading it so that all my GT games will show up on this page:*/sylvie

Which Witch Is Which? is a mouse-controlled witch-sorting high-score game.

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An event
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Ghost Cop: one day left till retirement


This game is based on a conversation where my brother tried describing Driver: San Francisco:

"It's like Dirty Harry. You get to take people's cars and solve crimes"
"How does he take people's cars?"
"He possesses them. He's a ghost."
"How does he solve crimes if he's dead?"
"You just drive around and solve the crimes. Also you get points for stunts."
"Why does a cop get points for doing reckless stunts?"
"He's Dirty Harry. And he also gets money for stunts."
"Is it ghost money? Can he spend it in the real world?"
"You're missing the point"

I later realised most of this description is wrong.

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fantom boloss


your a ghost
its pretty fucked up

Juliette Bidon
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An event
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ghost boy cries for the horrors of the world that he's powerless to stop

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 8.15.51 PM.png

mmmm it's pretty flippant, i admit
i'll make one about candy tomorrow

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