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Marmot Quiz (Happy 14th Glorious Trainwrecks!)


Thank you for 14 years glorious trainwrecks, well i've only been here 6 years but it has been fun!

Marmot Quiz
Mouse - answer quiz
Arrow Keys - move marmot

music is from Bubsy I think

Enjoy!!! Please do not spoil the answers.

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Authorized Likeness


Use the mouse to trace your reflection in your computer's monitor - but you won't be able to actually view your drawing until you press enter. If you think you've done well enough, or awfully enough, you can save it as a .BMP file.

This game automatically adjusts to the current size of your monitor, but is set to work on displays that are a maximum of 3840 x 2160 - wow! It's possible to play on a screen resolution higher than that (and congratulations on your incredible wealth if you do) but you'll be stuck drawing in a 3840 x 2160 box in the top left corner.

Just a funny idea I had a week ago, possibly while scrolling through Netflix. The idea of tracing your reflection or drawing something that you can't actually see until you're finished isn't new, but I think trying to make out your features in your monitor and having to use your mouse to draw brings something different to the table. It can really test your depth perception and memory (especially if you move out of place!).

I realize you could get the same effect and produce a more accurate pic by creating a black screen in a program like Paint and then using a white brush, but to let you in on a little secret I don't think accurate portraits are what make this a fun idea to me.

Source is included, in case hundreds of years into the future someone needs to adjust the maximum drawing area. You'll need Multimedia Fusion 2/Clickteam Fusion 2.5 to open it.

An example of what kind of results you may expect is uploaded as an attachment!

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BINKY XV: Curse of Castle Zedd


The fifteenth in the award winning BINKY Series!

Amazing 3D Action!!!

BINKY, EGGS, RUFF and the rest of the crew have trapped in Castle Zedd and are cursed!!!

But, what is the Curse of Castle Zedd?

This game was presented at the 2019 Video Game Expo at University of 956207713 880516142 792910878. It did not win any awards. This does not change the fact that BINKY is an award winning series of games.

Featuring Music by fotocopiadora in mp3 and midi formats!


W - UP

R - Turn on Automatic Movement

Dracula by Bram Stoker
Giovanna Garzoni - Still Life with Bowl of Citrons
Eduard von Grützner – Falstaff
Johnson Cornelius the Elder – Portrait of a Lady in White
Ilya Repin – Modest Mussorgsky
William Shaw - The Duke of Ancaster's Bay Stallion, Blank, Walking Towards a Mare


Passage of Sanguine Moonlight by fotocopiadora

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Maze of Color


Find out what color she wants to be painted.
There are seven colors and you have to paint a background, her, and some details.
Kind of a sequel to "Maze of Darkness".


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Paint in the void using the ghost of a cat.

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Jackson Pollock Experience


Paint like Jackson Pollock, but only bad cause you don't paint as good as Jackson Pollock... Oh well.

Controls: Mouse = Painting, Shift = Different Painting, Spacebar = Start Over.

Vince Betteridge
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Don't bother with the download, just play here

Don't bother with the download, just play here

Don't bother with the download, just play here

Don't bother with the download, just play here

Don't bother with the download, just play here

Don't bother with the download, just play here

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Klik & Office Painter


From the makers of Klik & Office Writer comes the brand new Klik & Office Painter!

Forget that difficult-to-use Microsoft Paint! Klik & Office Painter lets anyone become a Picasso in nanoseconds! We even have integrated text processing functionality from Writer? What are you waiting for? Make some art today!

No save function? Nonsense! Just use PrintScreen!

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Pirate Kart 2
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