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INVISIBLE MEGAN for let-off-studios


this is a print and play boardgame !! you need to print one page out (more if you want) and candy / snacks / treats (7).

wishlist by let-off-studios
Randomness, Luck & Chance
Pattern Recognition
Flightless Birds & Female Protagonists

more info in the readme!

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Find the Worm


Find The Worm

a game by Nikki Bee

will you find the worm?
how many rounds can you last?
instructions inside

made for the Spring Break jam on itchio https://itch.io/jam/spring-break

text - Unifont
graphics - Clickteam
audio - Half-Life 1 computer voice, and a glitched Speak & Spell sample pack https://freesound.org/people/Glitchedtones/packs/21077/

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Maze of Color


Find out what color she wants to be painted.
There are seven colors and you have to paint a background, her, and some details.
Kind of a sequel to "Maze of Darkness".


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