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open worm jam


game for open worm jam by kate b

characters by kate b and gisbrecht

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Land Speculation (for Personman)


(game tested under WINE- works fine there)
a new gaming sensation- made for Personman in the secret santa spring gamer jam
pilot your land ship fast and smoothly throughout the terrain. upgrade your ship's speed, or downgrade it if you please. many other small decisions to be made on your journey. what options should you enable? what area will you go to? what blocks will you collect? what will you build in warp>home? what color will you paint your ship? how will you avoid the giant worm digging right towards you? make all of these decisions and more, in Land Speculation, a game that contains no guns
if you need instructions on how to get through the game, check out the enclosed instruction book (readme.txt)
i stole the sound effects from online and various video game, so check out audio_sources.txt to see where i took them
titlescreen music and everything else made by me

ho ho ho!

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Find the Worm


Find The Worm

a game by Nikki Bee

will you find the worm?
how many rounds can you last?
instructions inside

made for the Spring Break jam on itchio https://itch.io/jam/spring-break

text - Unifont
graphics - Clickteam
audio - Half-Life 1 computer voice, and a glitched Speak & Spell sample pack https://freesound.org/people/Glitchedtones/packs/21077/

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Help Timbo the Worm get revenge on the chickens with the help of the magical going-back-in-time potion!

All art assets taken from Animation Library. Music courtesy of SynthMania, recommended by SpindleyQ.

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