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ChickenFall: ChickenCatch


In this first fresh, fast, and furious action-puzzle spin-off of the CHICKENFALL franchise, use your mouse to poke and prod the falling chickens into the nests. Look out for bombs! CATCH THOSE CHICKENS.

Mouse: Aim fingers
Left mouse button: Poke with left finger
Right mouse button: Poke with right finger

HINT: Holding down the mouse button longer will extend the fingers farther.

John D. Moore
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Chick Sexing


Realistic chick sexing game program. Determine a chick's gender through subtle visual cues. Almost as exciting as the real thing! Yes.

If you are having trouble, try watching the short documentary video about real life chick sexing. you can learn the technique from there.
hint: technique is at 3:14

Ben Esposito
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Tastes Like Chicken


Tastes Like Chicken

is a top-down shooter where you play as a chicken who tries to escape from hungry farmers.

For more games you can follow me on twitter: @allhaildaniel


Move using the arrow keys and press z or space for shooting and selecting.

Update Fixed a bug with the music at launch.

Daniel Bryant
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Help Timbo the Worm get revenge on the chickens with the help of the magical going-back-in-time potion!

All art assets taken from Animation Library. Music courtesy of SynthMania, recommended by SpindleyQ.

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